Inexplicably Single
New and old iPod

I'm getting a new iPod!


My mother, no doubt, will frown upon this expense but I just bought myself a brand new 80 gig iPod. When Steve announced them on Sept. 12th, I knew one would be mine. I wanted to head on over to the local Apple Store, but I kept calling and they kept telling that they didn't have any. How sad. So I just ordered one from Amazon (I'm an Amazon Prime member after all, so I get free shipping and really cheap overnight shipping. Guess which one I picked for my new iPod?).

My current 40 gig iPod Photo has served me well for a couple of years, but it is time to move on for me. Every iPod I have gotten has had twice to storage capacity of its predecessor, so the 80 gig model was the one for me (in classic white, iPod shouldn't be black if you ask me).

I can't wait to get it! Of course, I only have 30 gigs of music, but I am sure I will find a way to fill it up.

Now, what to name it! iScott the third is lame.

Oh, and I just thought of this: no sales tax on my iPod from Amazon. Score one for me.