A pound of dice?!

lots of dice

My last post had me looking for an image of a die to accompnay it, and I found one on Chessex’s website.

Most gamers will recognize that name, as they made lots and lots of the dice that are rolled on tables in basements everywhere (though I haven’t played a roleplaying game in a basement in years. That sounds much dirtier than it actually is). The d20 that was featured in that post is from Chessex’ Scarab Royal Blue with gold line, which I find quite attractive. However, my strange attraction to small brightly colored plactic bits isn’t the issue here. Whilst I was browsing Chessex’s website I came across the Pound O Dice. $27.95 gets you, you guessed it, a pound of dice of all kinds. That is all sorts of awesome, in a very geeky way.

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  1. Bah. My dice must be in the 15 year old range right now. I only table top once a month, perhaps, but every time I dig out the old dice I keep thinking I should get some new ones…Its not like I’m in college and living off part time McDonalds work and can only afford a tube of dice now and again. 🙂

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