No that’s not my IQ, silly. That’s what I am tipping the scales at. Boy, I’m fat, huh? So, if I knock off 80 pounds that will bring me to 303, which would still seem like a lot to most folks but consider this: when I was but a wee freshmen in college I weighted in at 313. So if I can get under that I’ll be slimmer than I have been in 11 years.

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  1. Ha! I see that you have three subscribers now, but I was the first, the first I say! Congratulations on your decision to lose the weight! I’m Internet-behind you all the way! Go, Scott, go!

  2. Well, perhaps we should just meet in the park on Monday and skip the Ben and Jerry’s…on second thought, maybe we can split something as a moral victory :). Good luck on your weight loss. I’ll be at the gym too since I feel compelled to get the most out of my general fee even though I’m only taking one class.

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