This is just sad

scarlet.jpgAfter a very full day yesterday (of which I shall blog about shortly) I laid my head down for some much needed slumber.

Off to sleepyland I went and into the Kingdom of Dreams went my head. Now, in dreams anything is possible. Flying is popular, and I know some people who have drawn out action sequences. I don’t usually remember my dreams, though if they are anything like my waking thoughts they are sure to be disturbing.

Last night I had a dream and I woke up recalling fragments of it. This dream involved myself and some lovely lady I had never met before (no, not Scarlett Johansson, though she certainly is lovely) and we were in some kind of a bar. I had ordered this woman (just some everyday woman who I was attracted to, not a celebrity or anything) a drink and she was about to drink it. Just before she took a sip I asked her if she would consider going out with me. She thought about the offer for a moment, looked at me and said no.

In response I downed the drink I had ordered for her and left.

Rejected in one of your own dreams. How sad is that?

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  1. The lady in your dreams definitely didn’t deserve the drink.
    Hmm… what would you do if you dream constantly about having too much work??

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