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Superman Returns

supermanreturns.jpgSpeaking of being alone, the workday ended early for me on Monday so I thought, 'What is a young, attractive man like myself going to do with a few hours free in the afternoon?' The answer was clear: go see a movie (I actually typed 'go see a woman' at first, which isn't what I did but perhaps my subconscious is telling me something).

With no woman to see, I went to see the 3:30 showing of Superman Returns, the fairly controversial new addition to the superhero movie cannon. I'd heard all the talk of this movie making Superman gay (which I didn't see at all, I mean the dude spends the entire movie pining for Lois Lane), the Christ aspect being played up a bit too much (this I agree with. Yes, Superman, we know you're better than we are. Now frickin' save us and keep the preaching to a minimum, ok?), and the kerfuffle over 'Truth, justice, and all that stuff' (which I thought was odd but I suppose the 'American Way' might not play well in Iranian movie theaters).

Anyway, I found a seat in the theater and awaited the movie to start. A nice young lady, who was alone, sat in a seat next to me (well there was an empty seat betwixt us). I thought to myself, 'Ahh, a young woman who would go to see Superman by herself, truly my kind of woman.' I could have sworn she looked at me a few times, but me being me I ignored her the whole time (it is my strategy with the ladies). Anyway, enough of my lady misadventures (if that can even count as a misadventure) and onto the movie!

Now, there might be a spoiler here or there in the remainder of this post, so if you haven't seen the movie and want to go in unbiased stop reading now.

The Good in the movie:

The opening credits: I loved the fact that the opening titles used the same font and theme as the Reeve movies. It was a nice touch, though I can't imagine actually watching the title sequence at an Imax movie theater. I got dizzy watching it and I was just at a regular old movie theater.

The Daily Planet Building: updated, but still it felt like the good old Daily Planet (and 'Great Caesar's ghost' was uttered so they get a couple of points for that).

Jimmy Olsen: Annoying, as he should be.

Lex Luthor: Well, Kevin Spacey really. He does a great job with what little role he gets. Lex is almost always depicted listening to classical music, something I've always liked about the character. He surrounds himself with elegance and yet he is, at his core, a thug.

Gotham: News reports list a number of cities that Superman is thwarting crime in since his return and Gotham is listed as one of them. Cool, though I wonder what Batman has to say about that.

Not so good:

The plot: It was flimsy at best. Oh! Superman is back! Hurrah! Oh yeah, Lex Luthor is doing some crap too. Boo!

Lex Luthor: His plan is lame, lame, lame! As I point out above, Kevin Spacey is a great Lex but he is squandered in this movie. Lex and his plan seem like an after though to counteract the Superman/Lois story-line.

Superman: I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to breathe (though I could be wrong). That bothered me greatly (as you well know I am a gigantic geek).

Overall, it was a fun movie but Batman Begins was much better.

Update: It turns out that Superman originally fought for 'truth and justice.' 'The American Way' jazz was added during WWII (which makes sense), so I can forgive the film makers for axing it. Via Dave.