Diet Pepsi Jazz

Diet Pepsi Jazz
It claims to indulge my senses wih Black Cherry and French Vanilla.

We’ll see about that.

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  1. Rite Aid had the 2-Liters on sale tonight and I bought one of each flavor. So far, I’ve only tried the strawberry. It’s pretty good, but I think a non-diet version would be much tastier.

  2. I tried the BC & Vanilla and it’s pretty good stuff. As a not-necessarily-a-fan-of-plain-cola philistine, I’ve found as a whole Pepsi does a much better job flavoring their colas than their red friends

  3. I just bought a 12-pack of each at Target. I’m drinking the BC & Vanilla at the moment and I have to say I’m very pleased. The flavor is great and it’s very “smooth”. It’s a keeper. I’m curious to see how the Strawberries and Cream tastes!

  4. I love the cherry-vanilla Jazz. The stawberry was nothing to write home about.
    When it comes to flavored colas, Pepsi kicks Coke’s ass (although I will always buy Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi). Makes sense considering Pepsi utilizes McCormick (the flavor leader) for flavor enhancements.
    Will someone please tell Pepsi we are ready for a Crystal Pepsi comeback (even on a limited scale)!

  5. I just tried the Black Cherry and French Vanilla with lunch and I can honsetly say I hated it. Ended up throwing more than half of it away 🙁

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