Roleplaying for non-roleplayers

Paranoia.jpgSubtitle: You can lead a person to D&D but you can’t make them a geek.

During the TMBG festivities of last month, Sarcasmo (who is, like, totally famous now) suggested that I run a one night only roleplaying session for the several folks that have expressed on this blog that they are either:

  • A former casual gamer
  • Don’t ‘get’ roleplaying, but are curious

I thought this a dandy idea, even though I am only now blogging about it. The only thing that is holding me back (other than the lack of seating in my apartment) is what game would I run?

Dungeons and Dragons, of course, is the best known pen and paper roleplaying game there is, however, it might be too much for non-roleplayers. Something set in the modern day, or near future, would be best I imagine. Rifts is out because it is just too much (but it is lots of fun). Paranoia was suggested, and since the game isn’t really plot driven, and it is supposed to be funny it might be just the trick.

I’ll have to ponder this some more. Plus I would have to see if anyone is actually interested in doing this (it’ll be like a geek party! Awesome!).

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  1. “I learned it from watching you” is one of the best ad-driven phrases to have entered our popular culture, if you ask me. Appropriate, and funny, for so many occasions. I’d do it, especially because I think it may have been my conversation, at least in part, that might have been the impetus for this. So, I take responsibility for it. I’d go for the funny game, and within two months will have a house downtown with plenty of seating. Just sayin’…

  2. If I ever get geek-audited I may have to hand in my card. I’ve never played D&D or any role playing game .. as in sitting at a table. All my RPGing has been in the form of video games.

  3. I was roped into playing a round of D&D, got quickly made into toast, and it’s just one of those things I’ve never gotten into beyond that. But I never tried anything beyond D&D. Are the newer ones the same level of involvement but beyond the fantasy construct, or easier to get into than that.
    I like Magic: The Gathering (in terms of Fantasy themed games), but am even hopelessly behind on all the expansions of that as well. Games requiring thought I like, but games requiring homework usually don’t work for me.

  4. I am not a big fan of this kind of thing in general, but I heard some guys talking on the radio about a documentary they made after immersing themselves into the world of Amtgard, which is apparently an organization that does live-action role play (LARP). It sounds pretty entertaining because (according to the radio interviews) they began making the film with a somewhat mocking attitude but got pulled into that world and by the end of it found themselves taking it fairly seriously. Anyway, the documentary is called “Swordplay” and you can see the trailer here.

  5. Take it from a certified RPG geek: Risus is the game you want.
    1) It focuses on fun, not rules.
    2) It’s very simple to learn, but has similar mechanics to classic RPGs (stats, rolls, etc.).
    3) Fast to action without sacrificing character-building.
    4) The basic rules are free to download.
    5) It uses only the unintimidating ubiquitous d6.
    6) It uses stick figures as illustrations.
    I’ve been playing RPGs for years and the most fun I’ve ever had at a gaming table was with this game. Check it out.

  6. You had me at “Paranoia”—though it does look as if Risus would tickle the same pleasure center in my brain that gives me such affection for Kingdom of Loathing.

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