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Another night, another Pimms Cup

pimms_gr.jpgOnce more I found myself out and about tonight, and once more I found myself in an establishment which listed upon its menu my drink of choice: the Pimms Cup.

Dan, who is seemingly my enabler since ever time I have been out with him I have imbibed, convinced me to order one by merely suggesting it. I told the comely young waitress that I wanted a Pimms Cup posthaste and she said, 'You want a what now?' I repeated my order and yet she still didn't know what I was talking about. Seems I was her first customer to order said beverage.

Sadly, this Pimms Cup had no cucumber (and I suspect that is was mostly Pimms No.1 with ice and lemon, which is hardly a Pimms Cup) but it was tasty nonetheless.

Ladies do like Hawaiin shirts?

At this precise moment I realized I would never be an astronaut
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I must thank many of the female readers of Blankbaby for their enthusiastic response to the previous post. Many of those ladies (you know who you are) told me that the ladies, in fact, do enjoy a man in a Hawaiian shirt, within reason.

Some told me that the Aloha shirts brighten up an otherwise boring wardrobe, others told me that some of my shirts are nice, and yet others recommend that I always wear blue because I look good in it (see above picture).

I should have greeted these kind words with glee. I mean, the ladies aren't disgusted by my shirts, woohoo! But that got me to thinking, if it isn't the shirts then why the hell am I still single?


I have a few theories, but instead of focusing on my negatives why not share what I would like in a special lady friend?

Aren't you excited? Ok, ladies, get out those notepads and jot down 'What Scott looks for in a woman':

  • Makes me laugh - laughter cures all, my friends
  • Thinks I'm funny - if you don't think I'm funny then chances are you think I am extremely annoying (which is entirely valid)
  • A reader - dude, books are important to me
  • Likes me for me - and I, in turn, will like her for her. I'm all about being true to yourself (i.e. I'm a geek and that ain't changing)

That's really it. Ladies of Earth, is that too much to ask?

I take what I can get

without glasses
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So, I posted this picture of myself on Flickr (shocking, I know since I am so camera shy).  Imagine my surprise when I found this comment on it today:

I had to write you even though I have never met you. I just recently grew a beard. So I was looking for information on it. (what people think of beards) I myself am very proud of it. Anyway found you in my search and just wanted to say for what it's worth you look great.

Since I don't know you, I should not judge you. But I can't help it.
so here it goes.

I know your a straight guy, and I'm a gay! however some advice. I bet the women won't much like some of the shirts you picked to wear in some of the photos. The hawiian shirts might not do the trick. The gay guys might just say WOOF! it's pretty hot!

This is not a pick up but, You are a handsom man!

Of course I'm flattered, even though this dude isn't part of my target market, however, I am concerned that the ladies don't like Hawaiin shirts.  Why has no one told me this?

Today a lovely lady called me handsome over email (and yes, she has seen me) so I suppose I'm totally hot to both men and women.  This begs the question: why am I still single?

Anyone have a theory?

FeedBurner responds

In my last post I said I would stop using FeedBurner if they started putting ads in my feed without my consent. Rick Klau, VP of Business Development at FeedBurner, chimed in to let me know that that wouldn't happen.

I know FeedBurner isn't doing it at the moment, but can imagine a day when they change their free service to an ad supported model (at which point I would leave, but I am sure they would offer the redirect feeds to their new locations).

Anyway, it is cool that Rick took the time to comment, though I did find out some shocking news about him.  Rick, it would seem, couldn't get into my Alma Mater (Go Lehigh!) so he had to make do with a degree from                   Lafayette College.  I feel for ya, Rick. ;)

Isn't the world an odd place (and yes this post was an excuse to mock Lafayette)?

FeedBurner insane?

feedburnerstats.jpgSome of you may have noticed that all the items in my feed were marked as new a few days ago. What's up with that? Typepad announced a partnership with FeedBurner to provide feeds so I figured I would take advantage of it.

I am still leery of having a third party control my feed, and as soon as ads appear in my feed without my consent I'll move away from FeedBurner once more.

So, why did I bother using FeedBurner? Why, the promise stats so I can see how many people subscribe to Blankbaby via the feed. At the moment I am writing this post my little FeedBurner badge tells me 184 people are subscribed to my feed.

I'm not sure how accurate that number is, however, even if it is wildly inaccurate that means that about 100 people are reading this blog.

I have one question for you people: for the love of God, why are you reading this?

Always remember that your Uncle Scottycakes loves each and every one of you.

Highlights from the 2005 Miss Klingon Empire Bauty Pageant


Klingon women are not the sexiest inhabitants of the Star Trek universe (that honor would have to go to the Orion slave girls, though you do have to get over the whole green skin thing), however, don't let that stop you from check this video out.

Awhile ago on Consumating there was a question along the lines of, 'who would you rather find yourself in bed with: a Cylon or a Klingon?'  Now, that question doesn't provide enough detail.  Are we talking Cylons from the SciFi channel series, or the metal cans from the original series?  Are the Klingons ridged or not?  Sigh, it is tough being a geek I tells ya.

10 pounds every week?

spflogo_lg.jpgI did it. I bought myself a medium share in Spiral Path Farm, and organic CSA type thing (that's Community Supported Agriculture for you n00bs). Starting on June 17th I will get 10 pounds of vegetables delivered near my door (I'll have to pick it up from scenic Rittenhouse Square).

Good lord, what have I done? 10 pounds of produce a week? I don't usually eat that much produce in a month.

Luckily I'll only have to deal with it for 23 weeks. After that I'm on my own for produce once more, like God intended it.

I'm Voxy

blankbabyvox.jpgThanks to Anil Dash (he's, like, internet famous!) I am not an official Voxite. He 'hooked me up' with a starter account, so I can look but I can't touch (well, I can comment so it is like I can touch but I can't lick. That makes sense, right?).

He's my profile. Add me as friend on your Vox because, as you know, I'm totally cool (in a dweeby way).

I did enjoy writing this for my Vox bio:

Scott McNulty came into this world naked, wet, and screaming. He would very much like to leave the world in the same manner.

Bronson Pinchot: Freemason


There is Bronson Pinchot with his Freemason apron on.  It seems he is a Third degree Mason (though I have no idea what that means).

I wonder if he enjoyed this summary of his career:

Bro. Pinchot has been in films since he appeared as the comical gallery assistant in "Beverly Hills Cop" in 1984. Through the years, he has appeared in feature film roles, generally amusing, except not funny as the villain of the 1995 Stephen King TV miniseries, "The Langoliers."

Ah, the things you can find in Wikipedia.