I feel like asparagus tomorrow

Asparagus PastaWhile I was out picking up my share from the CSA (which I’ll post more about tomorrow) I bought myself some asparagus. Now, there is a rumor out there that I don’t like vegetables. Nothing could be further from the truth; I love veggies. I can do without fruit.

Anywho, I got some asparagus which I am going to make for dinner tomorrow (probably tonight by the time anyone reads this). I am leaning towards making this asparagus pasta salad. I can’t wait.

8 responses to “I feel like asparagus tomorrow”

  1. I hope you’ll let us know how you make out with your CSA veggies. I’m tempted to try it myself – but even though I eat salads every day, I’m not convinced I could manage 10 to finish ten pounds of veggies a month before they began to spoil.

  2. Well, there you have it folks. Marisa’s unbiased opinion. See people, I can cook every now and again.
    Sarcasmo, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish all the stuff either, but it is only Tuesday and I am doing pretty well (though I did give a tomato away).

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