14 Marios

1upmush.jpgThat’s how many Marios I have (14), at this very moment, in the New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. That’s a personal record at this point (and I am on the 5th world, for those that care), who’s excited?

Man, I’m telling you that this game is a hoot. It really takes me back to my birthday, many years ago, when an NES was waiting for me all wrapped up on the kitchen table. I woke up before everyone else in the family (I was young, I still got up early then) and ran to the kitchen. I asked my still sleeping mother if I could open up the presents, and she said yes (my mother would often answer yes to questions when she was sleeping. That’s how I got the Time Life Civil War series of books).

I spent many a youthful hour trying to save that darned Princess, and I am now reliving it all in my adult years (though on a smaller screen and with better graphics). Can life get any better than this?

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  1. Yeah, I was also a big fan of the original Super Mario Brothers games. I could get through both Warp Zones to level 8 in less than five minutes. The classic NES games were all pretty good. When I was at my folks’ house in April I actually hooked up the old NES and played some Mike Tyson’s Punch-out. Surprisingly I’m still pretty good. I made it all the way to Super Macho Man without getting defeated, and then he kicked my ass. He always kicks my ass. I downloaded some codes from the internets to fight Tyson, who also kicked my ass.

  2. I took my old NES from my parents’ house when I moved to Philly. It’s fun to take out the old games once in a while. The NES is about the only video game system I’ve ever been able to get really excited about… I’m just not much of a gamer.
    I have to admit, it’s been so long since I’ve played Super Mario Brothers I can’t remember how to get to the Warp Zones. Could someone jog my memory on this?

  3. Ooo! I don’t remember specifically, but somewhere toward the end of 1-2 (the underground level), you jump up and break the ceiling. Then you jump up and you cross over all the bad guys and you can warp all the way to the 8th level, I think. Right “Frat Boy A”?

  4. Close. The first warp zone is at the end of level 1.2. You jump up over the wall at the end instead of taking the pipe up to the surface. Then you jump down one of three pipes to warp to level 4. I can’t remember exactly, but on 4.1 or 4.2 there is a hidden beanstalk that you need to activate and then you can warp straight to 8. I can’t remember exactly right now but if I were playing contextual memory would kick in and I’d instinctively find the way to level 8.

  5. Oooh, I remember the 1.2 warp level now! I thought that sheer muscle memory would guide me to the warp levels when I played it for the first time in years the other week, but it didn’t. (I found that odd…) Thanks!
    Nintendo Power, maybe more like 1988. Wow. Hadn’t thought about that publication in some time…

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