I don't know much about fashion
Let's get ready to booooooowl

Not what I expected to hear whilst walking out of City Sports

The other day I went to City Sports to pick up some socks (which were on sale, score!). I was in and out in mere moments since I was a a man on a mission (i.e. socks). I got some of those low cut socks that don't look stupid when one is wearing shorts and sneakers (which this one wears most of the time during the summer. Hey, if you got it flaunt it).

Anywho, as I was making my way out of the store and into the hustle and bustle of Walnut Street I heard it. Could it be? Was it? Yes it was!

The unmistakably dulcet tones of an accordion (or 'squeezebox' to other in the know). Some dude was playing the accordion across the street.

I just realized that this story has absolutely no point.