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Introducing Janus


The MacBook has been named: Janus. It is a name I have been waiting to use for a computer for awhile, but I forgot all about it. You see, one of the perks of being a sys admin (like I am) is that you get to name servers. I got it in my head that I should name a few servers after Roman gods with the first being called Janus. It was vetoed, mostly because it would have been confusing having a server named Janus and a collegue named Janice (imagine the hijinks!). I named the servers after authors instead and thought that I would never get to use Janus (and promptly forgot about it).

Then I was chatting with Marisa, and she was offering up all sorts of possible names for the MacBook. I wasn't 'feeling' any of them (as the kids say) but all the names reminded me of Janus, which is the perfect name! Thanks, Marisa!

Why is Janus the perfect name for my new Intel Mac? Obviously, you aren't versed in Roman mythology (you're no Robocop). Janus is the two faced god of doorways, beginnings and endings. It is only appropriate that my first Mac that can boot both OS X and Windows should be named Janus.

See how clever I am?