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Hoffa cupcake

HoffacupcakeThis is the best missing union leader/baked good tie in ever. EVER!

Sadly, I now would like a cupcake, and that just isn't happening. However, cupcakes are pretty much the best baked good ever. I mean, it is like you get your very own cake (with a wrapper!), and you can pile on the icing. The cupcake industry should take a note from the ice cream cone industry though: edible wrappers. Think about it, people.

Once again, I'm a frickin' genius.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Ladies, not so spooky
Originally uploaded by blankbaby.

What better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon than in America's most historic prison? That's right, Eastern State Penitentiary (located right in Philadelphia) was the order of the day, thanks to Thad and Angie.

Many pictures were taken (check mine out) and thanks to Fran we were able to go into a guard tower that isn't open to the public. Fran rules.

Also of note: this picture includes a shot of Tom Biro's car, who is a fellow WIN blogger. This might not seem to odd, until you realize that Tom lives in NYC and was just visiting Philly (not to see me). What a small world.

Blankbaby's dinner provided by Pad Thai Shack

You've been waiting for it ever since this entry, I know. Now you get rewarded for being such good little moppets (say it with a British accent. Go on. MOPPET. Fun, huh?). That's right, my dinner shall be revealed!

I'm so excited I could just puke (in a good way).

There I was in Rittenhouse Square wondering what to eat when it hit me! There is a little pad thai place on 18th called The Pad Thai Shack. I had eaten there before, and it was very good (though a little spicy for me, granted boiled toast is a little spicy for me). Beef pad thai was the order that I placed, and beef pad thai is what I had for dinner. I also found out that there is another Pad Thai Shack on 12th which features, 'plenty of seating and chill music.' I hope the 'chill' music is played at a lower volume than the music at the 18th street location. That's all I have to say about that.

The beef pad thai was very good, so good that I am thinking I should have pad thai for dinner once a week.

I've got an MP3 player for sale

Ok, ok. This is my last post before I am off in search of food. I was just waiting for my last post to 'go live' when this dude with headphones on walked past me. His left hand held a slightly worse for wear iPod Shuffle.

He slows down, looks at my computer (damn that conspicuous glowing Apple logo!) and says, 'Yo, buddy I got an MP3 player for sale.' I assume him to mean the Shuffle in his hand and reply, 'No thanks.'

'It is really cheap.'

'No thanks.'

And off he goes. I wonder how much he was charging (and where he got the Shuffle).

Blogging outside

I'm telling you, this is going to catch on (as long as the weather is always as nice as it is today). Blogging in the out of doors (that's al fresco for all you eurotrash) is down right civilized. I think I'll be doing this more and more this summer, as it is a nice way to transition from 'Work Scott' to 'Evening Scott' (which isn't really that much of a transition. I'm always ready to party, ladies.).

Now that dusk is settling in, here in Rittenhouse Square, my thoughts turn towards dinner. Since I'm out I might as well pick something up, but the question is what. What delight will fill my belly tonight?

I'll report back later (because you know you are just aching to know every little thing about me).

Live from Rittenhouse Square, I'm blogging


And thanks to Janus, I'm taking pictures of myself sitting on a bench in Rittenhouse Square (a favorite place of mine, and many others). Is there anything technology can't do?

Oh, right. Make me less of a geek. Eh, thems the breaks.

If you're in the area and want to stop by I'm sitting on one of the benchs with a view of Smith and Wollensky (which I have yet to go to. I need to find me a woman that likes meat).

An Inconvenient Truth

The NY Time likes An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary that explores global warming and uses Al Gore as a front man. However, rabid anti-dems fear not:

But as I said, the movie is not about him. He is, rather, the surprisingly engaging vehicle for some very disturbing information. His explanations of complex environmental phenomena — the jet stream has always been a particularly tough one for me to grasp — are clear, and while some of the visual aids are a little corny, most of the images are stark, illuminating and powerful.

It is Coming Soon at the Ritz, and I know I'll be seeing it.  Perhaps I can round up some folks to see it with and then have a little discussion afterwards.  How cosmopolitan!

Eh, I'll just end up seeing it alone and gorging on popcorn.

Not what I expected to hear whilst walking out of City Sports

The other day I went to City Sports to pick up some socks (which were on sale, score!). I was in and out in mere moments since I was a a man on a mission (i.e. socks). I got some of those low cut socks that don't look stupid when one is wearing shorts and sneakers (which this one wears most of the time during the summer. Hey, if you got it flaunt it).

Anywho, as I was making my way out of the store and into the hustle and bustle of Walnut Street I heard it. Could it be? Was it? Yes it was!

The unmistakably dulcet tones of an accordion (or 'squeezebox' to other in the know). Some dude was playing the accordion across the street.

I just realized that this story has absolutely no point.

Introducing Janus


The MacBook has been named: Janus. It is a name I have been waiting to use for a computer for awhile, but I forgot all about it. You see, one of the perks of being a sys admin (like I am) is that you get to name servers. I got it in my head that I should name a few servers after Roman gods with the first being called Janus. It was vetoed, mostly because it would have been confusing having a server named Janus and a collegue named Janice (imagine the hijinks!). I named the servers after authors instead and thought that I would never get to use Janus (and promptly forgot about it).

Then I was chatting with Marisa, and she was offering up all sorts of possible names for the MacBook. I wasn't 'feeling' any of them (as the kids say) but all the names reminded me of Janus, which is the perfect name! Thanks, Marisa!

Why is Janus the perfect name for my new Intel Mac? Obviously, you aren't versed in Roman mythology (you're no Robocop). Janus is the two faced god of doorways, beginnings and endings. It is only appropriate that my first Mac that can boot both OS X and Windows should be named Janus.

See how clever I am?

Can't get a date? Learn to ride a bike

We all know that I'm not quite a ladies' man (shocking, I know).

I am watching Can't Get A Date on VH1, a show which transforms someone who thinks they can't get a date into someone who can get a date (their tagline is, 'Can't gate a date? Yes, you can.'). The key seems to be confidence, and the best way to get some confidence? Well, it would appear that riding a bike is the answer.

Who knew?

Sadly, the last time I rode a bike I nearly killed myself and dented a car, which also sums up my dating life.

Therefore, it is obvious that I need to acquire a bike and tool around town like a moving buffet of manly sexiness.