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April 2006

My Final Easter pictures are up

They were replacing some of the stones
Originally uploaded by blankbaby.

Check out the whole set, if you like.

My mother and I spent a few (4.5 hours or so) walking around Arlington National Cemetery, and I took a little over 180 pictures (that makes about 250 for the entire trip).

I love walking about cemeteries and looking at tombstones (ladies, I'm still single!). Some of my pictures came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

The last time my mother and I were at Arlington I was a wee lad. I do remember visiting the Eternal Flame, and that is about it. This time I recall lots more, and I am very glad that my mom wanted to go.

Easter 2006 Day 2 pictures

Fine, I'm welcome
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My second set of pictures from my Easter trip to see my mom are up!

We spent some time in Old Towne Manassas, a place my mom always talked about visiting whenever I was there. So we finally headed over there, and it was a bit of a let down. In the words of my mom, 'This sucks!'

However, we did have a nice lunch and got to spend some time enjoying the lovely weather.

I am project driven

I just realized, as I was making a to do list, that I have about 40 different personal projects that I am working on (most alone, but some involve others).

Projects make me happy, and they make sure that I watch less TV which is always a good thing (though I also am reading less, which isn't as good).

How many personal projects do you have?

Darth Blankbaby


Internet, I am your father.

This is what happens when I go into any large store. I don't know what comes over me but I turn into a 5 year old (with an expensive camera).

Ahh, but at least I'm having fun, though this behavior probably isn't too impressive to the ladies.

No, I didn't buy the mask. Mostly because we were at Wal-Mart and I don't want to give them any of my money. You hear that, Wal-Mart?! I enjoyed that mask and you didn't make a cent!

April Philadelphia Bloggers' Meetup Best Yet

Me, on Philly Future, about April Philadelphia Bloggers' Meetup:

It would seem that April showers bring out the bloggers (even though today was nice and clear). The April edition of the Philadelphia Bloggers' Meetup is but a memory; a good one at that.

We had a bunch of new comers (destine to become regulars) and a few regulars who are always a delight.

I do believe that this was the first meetup where the tech bloggers (aka the geeks) out numbered the political bloggers (aka the wonks, as I like to call them because I am oh so hip).

Check out my post on PF for the skinny on who was there (other than me of course) and keep an eye on Flickr for pictures from the meetup. Ben's are right here and here are mine.


One of my favorite blogs, Retro Thing, reminds me of Orbitz, the drink that appeared in the late 90's. It consisted of a clear liquid with gelatinous balls floating in it.

I remember trying it in the 7-11 a few blocks from my apartment in Yonkers. I'm a big fan of texture, and this drink was just odd. I was like drinking chunky peanut-butter (without the peanut-butter taste).

Dugg again, sweet!


Another story of mine got on the front page of Digg the other day (and at the moment has gotten over 800 diggs). The tutorial walks you through the steps of subscribing to a Google Calendar in iCal.

It has generated some good traffic for TUAW, which is always cool.  And I wasn't even going to post it because I thought it was too obvious (which I still think it is, but that just shows you what I know).