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Digital picture stats

iphotolibrary.gifI like to take pictures, this much is obvious. Every once and awhile I even take a good one (though usually not of myself).

Like any good Mac user I employ iPhoto to organize my digital photos (I have been thinking about getting Aperture, but it doesn't really suit my needs), and I have been using iPhoto for as long as it has been available (since 2002 it would seem).

I thought it would be fun to share some iPhoto stats:

  • Total library: 4107 photos, 151 movies (10.2 gigs)
  • 2004: 1266 photos (1.6 gigs)
  • 2005: 1938 photos, 66 movies (5.3 gigs)
  • 2006 (so far): 534 photos, 85 movies (3.1 gigs)
  • Last 12 months: 1730 photos, 137 movies (7.3 gigs)
  • Last Roll: 11 photos (42.7 megs)

I don't think I had a digital camera in 2002 or 2003 (though I had some digital pictures that folks sent me) so I didn't include those years, which would explain why if you added up the numbers they wouldn't seem correct (though why you would be doing that I don't know). Also keep in mind that every camera I have gotten has progressively had more mega-pixels thereby creating larger files.

So, I've shown you mine... I think it is traditional that you show me yours.