SpreadshirtgirlI have been thinking about selling tshirts quite a bit as of late (see my first and second idea). I stumbled across Spreadshirt today, and this would be the prefect way for me to get a little storefront up, if only they weren’t in the UK.  The tshirts they have are pretty high quality, and that is pretty important, I imagine.

Anyone know of a US based equivalent (which isn’t Cafe Press, since their stuff sucks)?

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  1. (apologies if this posts 2x, but what I thought I put a min ago seems to be gone)
    I saw the “SpreadShirt” and got a visual of “SpreadSheet on a Shirt”, and since my bread & butter for years was MS Excel, that actually made a little sense.
    And I thought “I might not be the biggest geek ever”
    but the context within your posting suggests I may not need to retire the tiara just yet on that one.

  2. This doesn’t fit your criteria exactly, but you could always submit your design to Threadless, but then you’d have to win their competition to get your shirt printed and you also wouldn’t really make any loot of the deal.

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