Something is horribly wrong

Something is horribly wrong

I just purchased, and am about to consume, some fruit.

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  1. Don’t listen to the Devil-Brent sitting on your shoulder! Fruit is a good and healthy thing to eat, and I must admit that I’ve grown to enjoy my daily dose of it.

  2. Excellent.
    When you add leafy greens and high-fiber cereal to your food intake, then you’ll really have something to say.

  3. Those were cantaloupe, my favorite of the melon family.
    I ate them all, but rest assured there will be Tastykakes in my future as well. 🙂
    Marisa, no strawberries, though they aren’t out of the question. I did like the one I had.
    Leafy greens? Let’s not get crazy here.

  4. oooh – I was guessing mango, not cantaloupe.
    In my old-biddy-dom, I’ve become majorly addicted to the fruit vendors right outside work – the one right outside my building has been pretty consistent & reliable.

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