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SpreadshirtgirlI have been thinking about selling tshirts quite a bit as of late (see my first and second idea). I stumbled across Spreadshirt today, and this would be the prefect way for me to get a little storefront up, if only they weren't in the UK.  The tshirts they have are pretty high quality, and that is pretty important, I imagine.

Anyone know of a US based equivalent (which isn't Cafe Press, since their stuff sucks)?

I am not in love

I have been meaning to blog this ever since I wrote this entry, and now that rumors are spreading that Blankbaby may be over I feel that I should set the record straight.

That Springtime love post had the highest response rate in real life than many of my other posts.  Several people asked me (in person!) what the hell was up with that post.  This makes me think that my friends think it slightly preposterous that I might have found someone interested in me.  Thanks, guys.

However, you were right.  There is no lovely lady in my life at the moment, however, does that mean I can't be in love?  I did mention in the post that I had love in my heart for someone OR something.  Perhaps I was in love with the concept of love, or maybe I was just blogging out of my ass (which is a talent, and something that you have to see to believe).

So, to sum up the finding of this post:

  • Still horribly alone
  • Loveless
  • I have confrontational friends

And that is that, I do believe.  I'm Scott McNulty, and remember to Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

My favorite TUAW comment ever

Mac Diva, a fairly frequent commenter on TUAW, doesn't care for my blogging style.  That's fair, and I imagine that many people agree with her.  She did, however, leave a great comment on this post about iTunes:

Something useful. I'm surprised, considering who blogged this. Doesn't make up for writing an entry about a book and failing to mention who the authors are above, though. That's s-o-o-o Scott McNulty.

That made me emit a hearty chuckle.

I wish I had a cat so they could wear this


If only I knew enough about knitting (the instructions are here) to make one.

Oh! If anyone who reads this is a knitter and would like to make a Scott sized version of this that would totally rock. I would wear it at least once (and photograph myself with it, of course). And I'll do something for you that requires my unique skill set (whatever that might be).

Via Squid.

Cooking Video podcast

I think it would be fun to do a regularly updated cooking video podcast. It is just too bad that I am not a very good cook, though I am a very good buffoon who could compliment someone who knew how to cook.

Think David Letterman during his cooking segments and you'll get an idea of what I am envisioning here (someone cooks something and I do dumb stuff).

Am I brilliant, or what?

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Frank Capra III

Frank Capra III is the grandson of legendary director Frank Capra who gave the world movies like It's a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Frank Capra III is also in the film business, you might have seen his work in The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Jack Frost, but probably not.

Now, imagine yourself having the same name as your very famous relative but not having nearly the success they did (Frank Capra III hasn't directed anything yet, but he is only 47). I imagine that it must really suck being the Frank Capra who was the first assistant director of North, when your grandfather has an entire style of film named after him.

Poor Frank Capra III, though he was the second assistant director on Star Trek IV and that must count for something.