I wish I had a cat so they could wear this


If only I knew enough about knitting (the instructions are here) to make one.

Oh! If anyone who reads this is a knitter and would like to make a Scott sized version of this that would totally rock. I would wear it at least once (and photograph myself with it, of course). And I’ll do something for you that requires my unique skill set (whatever that might be).

Via Squid.

3 responses to “I wish I had a cat so they could wear this”

  1. The cat wearing it is a happy accident, I assure.
    If you try to “make” a cat wear anything, no matter how adorable or how cool the photo op potentially generated, you may not get to continue to “wear” your arms. I’ve gotten worse for lesser offenses…

  2. We’ve got a little black cat just like the one in the photo, and I am surprised that Fratboy “A” didn’t offer her to you already! Be careful what you wish for, Scott. You may find our little rotten cat on your doorstep!

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