I am not in love

I have been meaning to blog this ever since I wrote this entry, and now that rumors are spreading that Blankbaby may be over I feel that I should set the record straight.

That Springtime love post had the highest response rate in real life than many of my other posts.  Several people asked me (in person!) what the hell was up with that post.  This makes me think that my friends think it slightly preposterous that I might have found someone interested in me.  Thanks, guys.

However, you were right.  There is no lovely lady in my life at the moment, however, does that mean I can’t be in love?  I did mention in the post that I had love in my heart for someone OR something.  Perhaps I was in love with the concept of love, or maybe I was just blogging out of my ass (which is a talent, and something that you have to see to believe).

So, to sum up the finding of this post:

  • Still horribly alone
  • Loveless
  • I have confrontational friends

And that is that, I do believe.  I’m Scott McNulty, and remember to Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

7 responses to “I am not in love”

  1. Wow, when you posted about being in love, I kinda made this assumptive leap from the opening line to the embedded list, and therefore firgured you’d had a great time at Spamalot. No more, no less.
    Guess that makes me the idjit, huh?

  2. Am I to guess that I’m the confrontational one? Not in a bad way, I hope, but I don’t think we’d be friends if I didn’t confront you. Left to your devices, we would never even speak to each other.

  3. Sometimes friends have heart in right place, & mouth not so much. Am having a HELL of a time suppressing an urge to create a resume for a friend just from stuff off the top of my head and distributing itmyself to get him to apply for this one internal post I think he’d be great for. Settled for low level nagging of finite duration and realizing I can’t make him ready to leave a job he’s not ready to leave.
    Incidentally – not as tempting as the resume I wanted to do/distribute for a teammate who was hugely incompetant and a complete a**wipe as a person. We had his old one from when he came on board and I knew his current duties like the back of my hand. But a friend pointed out to me he’d still muck up the interview, so it’d be futile.

  4. Puh-lease. I asked you about the love post not because the idea is preposterous but because I was miffed at being left out of the loop!

  5. Ellen said a**wipe. I can’t see or hear that word without thinking of the SNL skit about a guy whose last name was A**wipe, pronounced As-wee-pay, accent on the wee. Hilarious.

  6. Julie – Yes – I am like 95% sure it was Nic Cage as the guy, and it was about him and his wife coming up with a baby name, and him shooting down EVERY name b/c he didn’t want the kid to be picked on! I’m not a real frequent SNL watcher but that was one of their better skits.

  7. This gorgeous weather makes anyone feel giddy. I am in love with the sunshine and the way that it makes me feel!
    I think it’s the perfect atmosphere for Philly bloggers to fall in love!

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