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I think it would be fun to do a regularly updated cooking video podcast. It is just too bad that I am not a very good cook, though I am a very good buffoon who could compliment someone who knew how to cook.

Think David Letterman during his cooking segments and you’ll get an idea of what I am envisioning here (someone cooks something and I do dumb stuff).

Am I brilliant, or what?

12 responses to “Cooking Video podcast”

  1. Have you ever seen a cooking show – you just need a double oven and a place nearby that does good takeout (DiBruno’s perhaps). Do whatever you feel like doing, put it in the top oven, and pull the perfect version out of the bottom oven. “Look – I can mix eggs, flour, oil, a few chocolate chips and voila – chicken marsala”

  2. I say make it a roving podcast – you could go to Becky’s and watch her make cookies, then talk people into making you dinner and record it while they do. No mess for you!

  3. I just made a cake for my dog’s birthday. That’s right, you heard me. I made a cake for my dog’s birthday. That would’ve been perfect for your podcast. There’s endless fodder there.

  4. If Yoko does it, I’ll help behind the scenes…as long as it is not on Fridays at 10pm…
    BTW Really like Ellen’s idea 😛

  5. Thanks Luna – I’ve been applying this concept to recent demos for technical solutions for the departments we serve – “Run this Macro and your output WOULD look like this – if we felt like waiting for the output”

  6. A great idea but cookies and cake are great for the child in us all but nothing screams sophistication like porsecco and blood orange juice with gingered chocolate truffles.

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