Another t-shirt idea


I could make a million bucks with these things I tell ya!

Anyone know a good place to get some t-shirts printed up? Perhaps I’ll sell some Blankbaby t-shirts.

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  1. Scott, I put a couple references for you in your account. Triple Play Sports in South Philly (9th and Catherine, I think) is great. They’ve done a bunch of shirts for our business and they are super. Here’s what I know about getting the shirts done…it’s like $25 for the template (they have to burn a screen) and then it’s something on the order of $4 a shirt to print. You can order as few as a dozen shirts (which is great…most places require 50 pieces or something). I’m checking out shirts for a large run right now…I think American Apparel works for me…I like the sizing and the length (nothing worse than a too-short t-shirt). You can bring your own shirts there…in fact they encourage that. They can order for you if you want.
    And hey, wear pants there.

  2. I know a real cheap place in Pottstown that will do them for about 100 bucks for a dozen. He sells retro rock wear, but is weary of the Internet.

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