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Om no he didn't

Om Malik, tech insider,  recently ate dinner with John Gruber, Philadelphia based Mac blogger.  This is what Om had to say about Philly:

John is JD Salinger of the web, hidden away from the chattering classes, in the unfashionable, but a more realistic place called Philadelphia.

Didn't Om get the memo?  Philly is cool now, plus real people (and not just Web 2.0 folks) can afford to live downtown.  Unfashionable?  I think not, sir, I think not.

I'm finally doing it!

That's right, I'm getting serious about dieting.  My friend Joe forwarded a link to SparkPeople to me.  It is an online dieting site that creates a diet for you according to your goals.  It also plans your meals for me (which is super cool).  Best of all?  It is free!

My goals for this first step of my diet are as follows (I am supposed to do each of these things daily):

  • Drink 8 8oz cups of water
  • Get 10 minutes of cardio exercise
  • Write in a journal

Not too bad, and in keeping with the third listed goal I am creating a new category called 'Fitness Journey.'  You all get to watch as I diet (and most likely ultimately fail).  It is all about the journey, not the destination.

Did I cut my hair too short?


So, this morning (well this afternoon) I woke up and thought to myself, 'Self, you should trim your hair a little.' So I went into my bathroom, shucked my shirt and picked up the trimmer without checking to see what attachment I had on it.

My intention was to cut a tiny little bit off, but as you can see (the more recent picture is on the right) I took of a little more than expected. My question to you, dear readers, is: which hair length looks better?

I am sold on the fact that shorter hair works well for me, but I am still trying to figure out the best length and with your help we can make me into that lady killing machine that we all want me to be (well, I don't want to kill the ladies, I just want them to notice me in a positive light and not as some dude who is blocking the onions or something).

Sound off in the comments!

Oh, and that shirt that I am wearing in both of those pictures is courtesy of my mom. Thanks, mom!

Peter Rojas has a blog

I always thought it odd that uber-blogger (and now blogger millionare) Peter Rojas didn't have a personal blog. Well, now he does and he has good taste in Wordpress templates.

So, since Pete uses the same template for his site as I do for Blankbaby Media, does that mean that some corporation is going to offer me millions of dollars for the Blankbaby Media Empire?

(And it looks like I might be leaving him his first trackback... unless he has disabled them, in which case he'll remain trackbackless and the only thing that will keep him company is his piles of cash, his influence, all his gadgets, his loved ones, and his friends. I feel sorry for him, I really do.)

Headphones are for suckers

I just realized that I listen to most of my music through headphones, and I don't like it. Since it is 2am, and I am up and writing, headphones are a necessity. Also, whenever I am rockin' out with my iPod my little earbuds are jammed into my aural holes.

However, music should be allowed to flow and fill a volume of space. It doesn't like being piped directly into your ears (I imagine).

Just a thought.

Carry on.

I hate phones

telephone.jpgWe all know that international dialing vexes me, but did you know that I don't even enjoy making domestic calls? It is true!

Now, I am sure some of you will chalk this up to a few things:

  • I don't get enough calls myself, so I am bitter
  • I hate all human interaction
  • I'm an odd man

It is true that my phone isn't often ringing off the hook (in fact my phone doesn't even have a hook!), however, that isn't the reason I don't like calling people. I bet if I did call people more often they would, in turn, call me and my phone would get more action (though as it stands my phone gets more action than I do... that doesn't sound good at all.).

I like email, IMing, sending letters, voice chatting, and even speaking to people face to face, so it is clear that I enjoy human contact (though it is true that many, many people annoy me. I'm sure I annoy many, many people myself, so all is as it should be).

I am an odd man, I won't deny it. Heck, it is Saturday night and I am writing about how I don't like to use the phone; if that ain't odd than I haven't a clue what might be (well, maybe a cat eating a pancake off a camel). It is odd not to like using the phone, but there must be more to it than that, right? I mean I am a very complex man (ladies, I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery. I hear chicks dig that, but if you're interested in me you'll have to call me).

I know why I don't like calling people, and while it might seem strange on the surface if you think about it my reasoning may point to the fact that I am the most brilliant man in the universe (though I doubt it).

The problem is that phones don't (well most of them at least) display the state of the person you're calling, except in the most rudimentary way.

What does that mean?

Well if you call someone and get a busy signal, you know two things:

  • They are home
  • They are on the phone

Thanks to advances in telecommunications even this basic state indicator isn't what it used to be. Call waiting assures that you won't get a busy signal even if the person you are calling is on the phone (unless they are very popular indeed and holding two conversations at once).

Don't even get me started on cell phones ('Oh, I got their voicemail! Does that mean that they are out of their service area, on the phone already, saw it was me calling and sent me to voice mail, or have all of their calls going to voice mail?).

As you can see, placing a phone call isn't as straightforward as they would have you believe (the 'they' being The Man).

Therefore, without an indication of the state of the person on the other end of the line (are they busy? do they want to talk to anyone?) every time you pick up the phone you are making a crap shoot, and possibly annoying the other party because we have all been conditioned to immediately pick up the phone if it is ringing, even if we are in the middle of something or aren't in the mood to talk to anyone.

Isn't it rather presumptuous to assume that anyone wants to talk to you at your convenience? I think it is, and that is why every time I think of calling someone I usually talk myself out of it.

'Well, I'm sure they are busy,' or 'I don't want to interrupt them.'

Therefore I hardly ever call anyone, which makes people think I am a bastard, but really I am just thinking of them.

I don't mind emailing people because there isn't that sense of 'YOU MUST REPLY NOW,' unless you're a Blackberry user (but that is another entry entirely). IM is fine because you can set a state that tells others whether are not it is ok to contact you (and if you want to IM with me, just let me know and I'll send ya my screenname). Telephones have none of this.

I am hopeful that with the advent of IP telephony we will be able to set such states on our phones and have that broadcast to people, so that an icon (or something) would show up in the caller's address book letting them know if you want a call or not.

So, am I crazy, or do other people agree with me?

There's a Melting Pot in Center City?

Thanks to Janice I am now aware of the presence of The Melting Pot in Center City (if you look at that page you'll see that even the people eating there are sort of a melting pot. Black folks and white folks eating together! Is this heaven?).

I have heard mixed things about the Melting Pot, but if I ever go I hope I don't like it. Why? Because then I can use my favorite fondue joke, of course:

'Fondue? This is more like fonDON'T!'

That's comedy gold right there.

Craigslist, you tease!

So, I was looking around the Women seeking Men section of Craigslist earlier today (don't you dare judge me!) and I saw this ad: are you TALL? i am so hot for really tall guys!!!!!!!!. Since I fancy myself a tall fellow (though there are those who would disagree with that. Yes, I am talking about you, Julie) I clicked on the ad. I read it, and it seems I am not freakishly tall enough for this particular lady, so I chalked this up to a miss opportunity for her. Until, that is, I spotted this last line:

Please do not email me if you are short or heavy set or not serious.

Well, that sealed the deal. I'm not short, but I am heavy set (that's putting it lightly. Get it?) and completely not serious. I hope this woman finds her tall, thin, beau. I, however, am still on the prowl.

Did you hear that ladies of Philadelphia?!

Look, I have a blogroll again!

My FeedsAstute readers might have noticed this post wherein I like all the blogs that I read and their Feeds. Pretty sweet, huh?

I generated it using the magic of NetNewsWire, MarsEdit, and AppleScript and it makes me happy.

Though it would be nice to be able to tell which subscriptions I marked as 'Do Not Export' using AppleScript.

Oh, and if your blog isn't on my list and you think it should be, let me know! I sometimes delete bunches of stuff without knowing what I am doing (that's the truth.. I'm a bit of a moron).

My Blogroll for February

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