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Brokeback Mountain

brokebackmountain.jpgI would like to see all 5 of the movies nominated for 'Best Picture,' and to further that goal I saw 'Brokeback Mountain' last night along with Marisa, Sherri, and Luna (Howard went with us but since he has seen Brokeback already he opted for 'Tristam Shandy,' which I would also like to see; perhaps sometime this week).

The movie started at 7pm, but we got there at 7:10pm (for a variety of reasons, so we had to sit in the first row. Not the best place to see a movie, but it wasn't that bad.

So, gay cowboys, how can that be sad? I mean, you're combining two things which are fun:

  • Gay folks are known for being happy
  • Cowboys live the life of freedom, and what boy doesn't pretend he is a cowboy?

How on earth can you go wrong? This movie should be a laugh a minute, right? Nope.

My initial reaction, as we were walking out of the theater: 'Well. That was a downer.'

I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone, but let's just say that these gay cowboys do not ride off into the sunset holding hands. Point of fact, they never go anywhere holding hands. They are forced to go on 'fishing trips' in the mountains were they can hold hands (amongst other things) so that the local folks (and their wives) won't see them being gay cowboys.

Even though it was a downer, it was a very good movie (duh), and I heard several sobs in the theater at various times as well as a number of people drying tears as the lights came up in the theater.

If you're looking for a light, fun, gay cowboy movie then don't see 'Brokeback Mountain'. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a heart wrenching love story... then 'Brokeback Mountain' is the right movie to make those tears trickle down.

Check out the trailer, if you have been living under a rock.

Verdict: 4 out of 4 Blankbabies