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Things Scott hasn't thought about in a good while: Savage Garden

Savage GardenYou know, the group that did this song (iTunes link, get over it non-iTunes loving hippies!). Hey, it was big in the 90's.

Why am I now thinking about this song and Savage Garden in general? Well, you see, I was logging into the iTunes Music Store to see if I could score the new Belle & Sebastian album (or disc as the kids call them, though there is no album or disc involved when one downloads all their music from the iTMS) that I had just read about on Philebrity (album stree date: Feb. 7th).

I got as far as the front page when I saw Savage Garden in the 'What's New' section, and I thought, 'They have a new album?!' Turns out they don't, but their old stuff was recently added to the iTMS.

I don't know if I need you but ooo wah I'm dying to find out.