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I am starting to loathe Typepad

I have given Sixapart a chance.  I understand it isn't easy to scale up a complicated service for millions of users, but the slowness of the application, and the near daily disabling of statistics is getting to be too much.

I mean, I do pay for this service; I think it only right that I expect a certain level of service.  Sadly, I am not getting that level of service from Typepad any more, and I think I am going to start transitioning to a different platform if I don't see dramatic improvements soon.

Oh, and how about some new features while you're at it (like RSS feeds for categories)?  I can't remember the last notable feature that Typepad introduced.

Things Scott hasn't thought about in a good while: Savage Garden

Savage GardenYou know, the group that did this song (iTunes link, get over it non-iTunes loving hippies!). Hey, it was big in the 90's.

Why am I now thinking about this song and Savage Garden in general? Well, you see, I was logging into the iTunes Music Store to see if I could score the new Belle & Sebastian album (or disc as the kids call them, though there is no album or disc involved when one downloads all their music from the iTMS) that I had just read about on Philebrity (album stree date: Feb. 7th).

I got as far as the front page when I saw Savage Garden in the 'What's New' section, and I thought, 'They have a new album?!' Turns out they don't, but their old stuff was recently added to the iTMS.

I don't know if I need you but ooo wah I'm dying to find out.

5000th Comment Contest Prize

Dim_sum The people have spoken and they want dim sum!  Therefore, if you leave the 5000th comment here on Blankbaby, and you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you'll get a dim sum meal on me!

Now, I can understand how this might be awkward for a lovely young lady that might have a beau (trying to explain that you are going out to eat with a sexy single blogger to your significant other is never an easy thing), but the great and powerful Blankbaby has thought this out.

If you currently find yourself enrobed in the velvety goodness that is a loving relationship AND you have the good fortune of leaving the 5000th comment I will take both you and your significant other out for dim sum.  I suppose it might be marginally easier for me just to give you some sort of gift certificate in that case, but then there would be no delicious dim sum for Scott and that makes me sad.

On the off chance that you and your significant other don't want to eat with me, we can just go to the same restaurant and I'll sit at a table by myself (I'm my own best friend).

'Hey, Scott, what about us non-Philadelphia area readers? Are we to be left out in the cold, you heartless bastard?'

First, please refrain from using such language on my blog.  Secondly, you know that your Uncle Scottycakes would never forget about you!  If the 5000th comment is left by someone outside of Philadelphia there are two options:

  1. If you plan on visiting Philly then we'll dim sum then.
  2. I will send you some Philadelphia treats in the mail (most likely some TastyKakes.  Thad likes 'em).

That covers all the bases, I think, unless a single woman wins and she would rather not have a dim sum dinner with me.  I find that to be a most unlikely turn of events (I mean, the ladies likes me and stuff), however, if that comes to pass I'll think of something.

This is why I love Tiger's built in dictionary

Point to the CummerbundI was just prompted to come to the defense of cummerbunds on Emily's blog in response to this post (caution, condoms are involved in that there post... kids today!) and it turns out that I have no idea how to spell cummerbunds so I looked it up in Tiger's (that's the latest version of the Mac OS) built-in dictionary and I was greeted by the correct spelling (as you see it in this entry) and the picture that accompanies this post.

I need not tell you that I laughed for a good long while about that picture. I am still chuckling as I type this. I think I might need to go to bed because:

* This picture has given me an idea for yet another web project
* I might be a little loopy on the fumes

Low prices, and a police force!

Susie, at Suburban Guerrilla, points to this article about Target getting into police work:

The efforts are part of a trend in corporate donations directed at solving societal problems. "Target is pushing forward a different model of corporate giving," said Douglas G. Pinkham, president of the nonpartisan Public Affairs Council. Others are doing the same. Exxon Mobil, for example, is building hospitals in the developing world. Cargill Corp. is building schools in areas where potential employees lacked basic skills.

Target's law enforcement efforts date back at least a decade but intensified after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The company has applied in-store practices, such as inventory-tracking technologies, to the business of identifying and locating criminals. "In many ways, Target is actually a high-tech company masquerading as a retailer," said Nathan K. Garvis, Target's vice president of government affairs.

After reading the article I say kudos for Target for helping local and state law enforcement in such a great way.

LEGO orrery

We certainly don't need angst to be the headliner here at Blankbaby (or 'The BB,' as the kids are calling it) so check out this awesome LEGO orrery.

I've always wanted an orrery of my very own, but if you aren't an astronomer I think you need to be a super villain to justify having one. I might be a ne'er-do-well, but a super villain? Not just yet.

Angst: unposted

I was going to write a very angsty post tonight but I have decided against it (ahh, judgement, I still got it!).

So why did I feel the need to tell you about a post that I didn't post (I didn't even write it, though I did have a title which will give you a taste of what the post would have been like: 'Do you ever get the feeling that you're going to die alone?' Chipper, huh?)? No good reason, really, but this is my blog and I will do what I damn well please.

So there.

Hell, I might as well of written and posted it!

Blankbaby Approved: Thomas' English Muffin Honey Wheat

There are things in life that seem to need no improvement. Would you slap on another coat of paint on Mona Lisa? I think not. Would you change one strand of wig hair from the head of William Shatner? Not if you know what's good for you.

Thomas' English Muffins were also in the pantheon of perfection, that is until I tried Thomas' English Muffins Honey Wheat. This, my dear friends, is the best thing to happen to the English Muffin industry since the invention of the nook and/or cranny. I can not put into works how tasty these freakin' things are. They make normal English Muffins taste like day old salamander goo (and I don't even know what that is, let alone what it tastes like... but it can't be good).

Give 'em a whirl, and let me know what you think.