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5000th Comment Contest Prize

Dim_sum The people have spoken and they want dim sum!  Therefore, if you leave the 5000th comment here on Blankbaby, and you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you'll get a dim sum meal on me!

Now, I can understand how this might be awkward for a lovely young lady that might have a beau (trying to explain that you are going out to eat with a sexy single blogger to your significant other is never an easy thing), but the great and powerful Blankbaby has thought this out.

If you currently find yourself enrobed in the velvety goodness that is a loving relationship AND you have the good fortune of leaving the 5000th comment I will take both you and your significant other out for dim sum.  I suppose it might be marginally easier for me just to give you some sort of gift certificate in that case, but then there would be no delicious dim sum for Scott and that makes me sad.

On the off chance that you and your significant other don't want to eat with me, we can just go to the same restaurant and I'll sit at a table by myself (I'm my own best friend).

'Hey, Scott, what about us non-Philadelphia area readers? Are we to be left out in the cold, you heartless bastard?'

First, please refrain from using such language on my blog.  Secondly, you know that your Uncle Scottycakes would never forget about you!  If the 5000th comment is left by someone outside of Philadelphia there are two options:

  1. If you plan on visiting Philly then we'll dim sum then.
  2. I will send you some Philadelphia treats in the mail (most likely some TastyKakes.  Thad likes 'em).

That covers all the bases, I think, unless a single woman wins and she would rather not have a dim sum dinner with me.  I find that to be a most unlikely turn of events (I mean, the ladies likes me and stuff), however, if that comes to pass I'll think of something.