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December 2005

iPod for e-books

I have this thing for E-Ink. Two of my greatest loves, reading and technology, seem to be destined to be ships that pass in the night. Ebooks suck because starting at a screen for hours on end isn't the best thing for the eyes.

Enter E-Ink, which allows for a much more 'paper' like experience while retaining the ablitiy for many books to be displayed on one device. It looks like Sony will be releasing a US version of their Librie ebook reader next month and I am going to buy it. I don't even to know what the specs will be, but they matter not because I have been jonesing for an E-Ink device for a long, long time.

Year in Review Meme: Blankbaby Edition

I plan to write a Blankbaby 2005 wrapup soon, but I came across this meme at Yoko's and I thought I would give it a whirl.

You write down the first line of the first post of every month and BAM! You've got your year in review.

Here's mine:

January: Let me be, most likely, one of the last people to wish you and yours a very Happy New Years (or as my brother said on my answering machine 'Merry New Years!').

February: Amazon seems to think a great gift for 'him' on Valentines Day is:

March: Well, I just completed my 150th post over at TUAW, which is my paid blogging gig.

April: This decision wasn't easy for me.

May: People have clamored for them, demanded them, waged war for them!

June: I like koalas and hippos.

July: Many people claim that Dave Winer was the first blogger, however, that honor actually belongs to none other than Asa Packer, founder of my Alma Mater, Lehigh University.

August: With my Star Trek calendar in place I finally feel comfortable.

September: My power went out at 10pm.

October: Podcast numero 4 is up and ready for your listening.

November: I don't expect that many of you know who Keith Parkinson was, unless of course, you're as big a geek as I am.

December: I will never think of the Mulberry Bush in the same way again.

Blankbaby Media at a cross roads

Ok, folks, I am getting ready to migrate Blankbaby Media, the home of both Blankbaby Radio and Blankbaby TV, to its very own domain. Exciting, yes?

However, I have come to realize that I can only really devote my energy to one or the other.

If I go whole hog into Blankbaby Radio I will get myself some mics, a mixer, and be good to go (and perhaps I will follow through with that co-hosting idea of mine).

If I go head first into Blankbaby TV I am going to need to find a partner. One who has a video camera, likes video editing, and wants to help some wacko (that's me!) do wacky things across Philadelphia. I think a Blankbaby TV focusing on all things Philly would be a hoot (and popular as well) but it'll be hard to find someone who has a similiar sense of humor as I do and the equipment to make this happen. I'm the talent you see, I would be the host (who isn't afraid to look like an idiot), the writer (though help with writing is welcome), and a co-producer. I would need a director, camera man, and editor (and perhaps co-writer if they wanted to).

So, dear Blankbaby readers, which do you think I should focus on? Or should I stick with what I know and write crappy self centered blog posts such as this (actually no matter which option I go with Blankbaby will go on. Nothing can stop Blankbaby!).

Blogging like a fool at TUAW

Sorry it has been quiet over here (I know you all miss my words of wisdom) but I have been blogging like crazy over at TUAW (something like 35 posts in the last 2 days!).

Here are some stats that give you an idea of how much I have blogged about Apple over the last year (actually it has been just under a year) at TUAW:

Number of posts: 819
Number of total words: 1,121,588

Who knew I had that much to say about Apple?

Merry Christmas to all

The holidays are hard for some people

I thought I would post this 'vintage' Scott Christmas pic from last year for you to enjoy. I'm off to Virginia in a little bit and I'm leaving the laptop at home. This will be the first time in 4 years or so that I am going to be traveling without a computer.

Expect low blogging, but I will have my cell phone so a picture or two might find their way to Blankbaby.

Enjoy the holidays, and always remember that your Uncle Scottycake loves you.

Business Cards designed and ordered

Justin Flax was kind enough to offer his design skills to my business card task, and combined with Patricia Storms' wonderful rendition of me business card magic was made:

Blankbaby Business Cards

This means that I have to whip into shape posthaste (at the moment it forwards to Blankbaby Media).

Big props to Justin for doing this for me.  If you are in need of any design work, Justin is your man.

Christmas card and stamps have arrived

As you may remember, I rashly decided that this year I was sending out Christmas cards.  This is something that I decide to do every year, and yet never get around to doing.  Well, this year I got around to doing it, only I got around to doing it much later than I should have.

The good news is that I have gotten both the cards AND the stamps, so tonight I will be sending out an email asking folks for their 'snail mail,' (ain't I clever?) so I can send a card to them.  Chances are it will arrive after Christmas, but it is the thought that counts.

HowTo: Export your posts from Typepad

Export TypepadGiven the recent wackiness with Typepad, I thought it would be a good idea to export all my posts as a backup. I went through all the steps and I thought to myself, 'This isn't hard to do but if you don't even know this exists you're pretty much screwed.'

I have created this short video tutorial on how to export your posts from Typepad to help others do it for themselves. Right click on the link to save it to your desktop (the video is in Quicktime and clocks in around 10 megs for about 4 minutes of video).

Let me know if you found it useful and perhaps I'll do some more of these screencasts.

Help me with the next Blankbaby Radio

Hey all, as you know I just got Vonage.  I am keeping my old number, but it takes up to 20 days to get it transfered, so Vonage has given me a 'virtual number' for the time being.  I thought it would be fun if people called that virtual number and left a message for me, as if you're calling a talk radio show.  I will then take the messages and create the next Blankbaby Radio around them.

Sounds like fun, right?  So, call me and leave a question, a comment, or a rant and I'll weave it into a compelling podcast tapestry.

Here's the number (long distance charges will apply):


I hope to hear from you soon (and don't worry, my Vonage phone isn't set up yet so you are guaranteed to get voicemail).

Oh, and in the message don't forget to leave your name (or a name).  So a message would go like this, 'Hi, Scott, this is <name>, blah blah.'

This is going to be fun!