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Coen Brothers Collection

Coen Brothers CollectionI bought the Coen Brothers Collection at some point this weekend because it cost $40, and you get 4 movies. If I know my division, and I think I do, that comes out to roughly $3.99 a movie. How could I pass that up? I couldn't, and you know it, the American people know it, we all know it.

I should note that I am a big Coen Brothers fan. My favorite movie of theirs? The Hudsucker Proxy, of course. You know, for kids.

What movies are included in said collection? Here they are:

  • Blood Simple - The Coens first movie (I believe), I saw it long ago and don't remember much about it.
  • The Big Lebowski - The Dude abides. What more does one need to say?
  • The Man Who Wasn't There - Shot in black and white, so I am sure that scared some folks again, but I think this movie deserved much better than it got at the box office.
  • Intolerable Cruelty - Not their best work, but it was very entertaining and it has Catherine Zeta-Jones in it, so why wouldn't I watch it?

Overall, a fine way to spend $40. Plus I'm thinking of having a little 'Coen Brothers' screening this Saturday. Watch the Hudsucker Proxy and one other movie, and whomever wants to stop by can stop by (and if no one is interested I'll still be watching some good movies).