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Say it ain’t so, Scoble!

Well, it was bound to happen, Robert Scoble no longer reads Blankbaby (take a look at his Blankbabyless blogroll.

This from a man who once said:

Finally, Scott McNulty says that getting a link from me isn’t what it’s about. Absolutely correct! It’s about having a freaking great time with people you care about.

Just so happens that a lot of people I care about I’ve met through blogs. Why is that? Well, part four of my talk covers that.

For instance, I care about Scott. Why is that? Cause he shares his life with everyone (and his mom).

I was actually expecting him to unsubscribe shortly after he found my blog the first time (in fact, I have no idea why as many people read Blankbaby as they do, but I love you all). I don’t write about technology all that often (any more), I’m not a geek bigwig, and I’m no A list blogger. Now, I’m not saying those are the voices that Scobie cares about, but he is a busy man! He has no time for inanities from Philadelphia, or least he doesn’t anymore.

Speaking of blogrolls, you may notice that mine is gone after the redesign. Worry not, folks, it will be back. I just need to figure out a way to display all those links without cluttering up the whole blog. At the moment I am thinking of linking to 20 or so blogs on the sidebar and then adding a ‘More blogs here…’ link at the bottom of the list which will point to a blog post listing all the blogs I read at the moment (and the Scobleizer will be on that list).

And, yes, I see the irony of quoting a post about me not caring about Scoble linking to me in a post about Scoble no longer linking to me. Though, it still isn’t about the linking, it is about losing a reader.

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