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NetNewsWire Blogroll generation

Ok, so I think I have solved my issue with the blogroll. I’m going to generate a post once a month, or so, that will contain a link to all the blogs that I am currently reading. This post will be in a new category called ‘blogroll.’ That way I will have a snapshot of what blogs I’m reading over time, and the post is almost guaranteed to be on the front page for the entire month.

To accomplish this bit to techno trickery, I am going to use an AppleScript to export and format my subscriptions in NetNewsWire, take that output and put it into a post in MarsEdit. I already have it working, for the most part, but I can’t get one thing to work. I would like to have the subscription’s favicon show up next to the name of the blog. It looks like I can use Applescript to get the URL of the icon of the blog, which isn’t the same thing. Is there a way to get the URL of the favicon out of NetNewsWire?

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