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October 2005

Meetup and Misc

Hurrah! My camera has returned from being repaired (I actually picked it up on Friday), so I was able to bring it with me to the Meetup. I took some random pictures at the Meetup and afterwards (in my apartment) and threw them into an album. Check it out, if you dare!

Tony was at the Meetup, and he is a much better photographer than little old me. Here is a picture he took of me (reproduced here without his permission):

I'm so pretty

The photo is much better than the subject, if you ask me.

His picture inspired me to do a self-portrait (you can see a larger version here):

I'm so goodlooking, and that makes me sad's 90 day guide to finding the right person is offering, for a limited time only, a free guide to 'Finding the right person in 90 days.' Since I haven't found the right person, or any person, in the last few months I figure what the hell.

So I've downloaded the guide, and I am already choking on their saccharine words. Take this:

After all, you’re pretty darn amazing, and you can lose sight of that when a relationship ends or when you’re worrying about what to say on your big date this weekend.

I don't need a pep talk,, I need to learn how to trick a woman into going out with me (I kid, I kid).

Anywho, I haven't been blogging about the Ladies as of late, so a brief update for all you interested in my love life: I'm still single, and I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm ok with that.

I was having breakfast with Frat Boy 'A' awhile back and he said something that I thought was pretty darned funny. He said, 'Scott, I have a request that I think many of your other readers will agree with. I think it is time that Blankbaby gets into a relationship.'

I blinked, took a bite of pancake, and considered this request. I said, 'Ok! You've got it!'

Fast forward a few days and I was talking with Becky, of Good Grief! fame. I told her about this conversation I had with Frat Boy 'A' and she suggested that perhaps I should create a fake girlfriend to spice up the blog. Whilst this might be a good exercise in creative writing, it wouldn't be the best idea for me. Why is that? Everyone I know reads this, so if I were to create an elaborate story about some lady I am going out with I would need to lie to my friend and family, and that's just not cool.

Becky also wondered if people who read Blankbaby would be upset if I did get myself into a relationship. I didn't follow her train of thought on that one, but she explained that I have this 'single guy in the city' persona (one of many blog personas I seemingly have, but more on that in another post) and some might be sad to see that go.

I don't know why people read this, nor why after reading it once people come back, but I am certain that I don't have a blog persona (even though Becky isn't the only person that thinks I do).

Anyway, that's where things stand between Scott and the Ladies. Perhaps after reading's propaganda I will be well on the road to Ladyville.

Attempted Novelist

The previous post mentions Attempted Novelist, which is the newest member of the Blankbaby Media Empire. Come November (a mere few days away) I will be posting about the progress of my novel over there, as well as posting whatever I wrote that day.

Why do I need yet another blog to do this?

Well, I didn't want this blog to become over run with crazy novel pieces, and so I thought if anyone is actually interested in following along a nice central place would be best. Thus was born Attempted Novelist.

Attempted Novelist also lets me try out another blogging tool called Textpattern, which makes use of a markup language called Textile (I'm digging it).

There isn't a whole lot there, but it should be bursting by the end of November (I hope!).

Two novel ideas

nanowrimo.gifAs you all may be aware, I plan on writing a novel (50,000 words) during the month of November. This will be a daunting task, however, I have two story ideas for novels that I need to choose from.

What better way, I thought, to choose between these two ideas than let my dear readers pick for me? That way if the novel sucks I can blame you. So here are my two ideas:

  • A science fiction novel that takes place in an universe where the Church (Roman Catholic) is in charge of things. It would be the story of two characters, one being pursued by the other, as they discover that may not be all that different after-all (and there will be spaceships too!!!). The thing that excites me most about this idea is that I plan to use a technique that Mary Shelley used in Frankenstein. She had two stories wrapped into one, the main story and the monster's story in the center, so the main story, in my case, would be of the pursuer but in the middle section we would get his quarry's story.
  • The second idea would have a fictional version of myself as the main character (how Dave Eggers of me! Though I am actually trying for Paul Auster, but hey who's counting?). The story would revolve around meeting women (in the romantic sense) via blogs (something I actually haven't done) and the wacky, awkward situations the fictional me will get himself into. The beauty of this idea is that I can steal anecdotes from my real life and fictionalize them (and if I know you, you might end up in the story, though it would be a fictional you and I would change your name to protect the innocent).

So, what do you think?

Cross posted to Attempted Novelist.

October Philly Bloggers' Meetup Today


As Events Czar at Philly Future (though we all know I don't actually DO anything in that role) it is my duty to tell you about the October Philly Bloggers' Meetup that is happening today. Sure, I should have posted this on Blankbaby earlier, but I'm a busy man. I mean I have work, and several other important projects that I must keep up on (my television won't watch itself. I tried training it, but it didn't take).

Come out for food, bloggers, and fun at the Nodding Head today at 3pm. I'll be there, shouldn't you?

Keep the Change


Bank of America's new Keep the Change concept is brilliant. How does it work?

I'm glad you asked. Let's say you're in the comic book store (as you often are) and you want to buy the latest collection of Mary Worth. It costs $18.43 (after taxes). You put it on your debit card. Now here's where the magic happens: Bank of America takes $19 out of your account, gives $18.43 to the store and puts the other .57 cents into your saving account. It is like an institutional piggy bank.


I think I might look into transferring my bank account to Bank of America. I have been using the bank account that I got when I first started college, and I think now that I actually have a little money that I can probably find a better deal.

Anyone have any banks they would recommend?

Tiki Bar TV

ARBT-5704.JPG.jpgI should be asleep, but I'm not and I have one website to blame for this. My full fury and ire is (are?) directed at Tiki Bar TV.

What is Tiki Bar TV? About the funniest thing I have seen on the Internets in a long while, though I have a soft spot for tiki related entities. This video podcast (vodcast? vlog?) is well worth your time.

I leave you with some words to live by, courtesy of Tiki Bar TV: 'all pirates enjoy a round of sodomy'

Why I haven't been taking pictures of everything

ex-z750.jpgAwhile ago I wrote that even though I had a perfectly good camera I wanted a new one. I broke down and got myself a Casio EX-Z750, which is a great camera. It blows away my old camera, and I am glad that I couldn't resist it.

So, Scott, you have this great new camera, shouldn't you be boring us to death with hundreds of crappy pictures of pumpkin parties and Chicago trips?

I would be, believe me, if I hadn't broken my brand new camera.

Ok, so it wasn't brand new when I broke it. It was a couple of months old. I realized I hadn't seen the camera in a few days so I literally ran around my apartment like a crazy man (something I do with startlingly regularity) searching for my camera. It wasn't in the usual places where I tend to throw my crap so I was a little manic.

In a last desperate act I pulled the couch from the wall and looked behind it. There it was! Huzzah I proclaimed, throatily, victory is mine!

Hubris has always been man's downfall.

I snatched the camera up with my eager little hands only to be confronted with a horror.

That beautiful LCD screen, that wonder of Casio engineering, my pride and joy (sadly, I am that shallow) was cracked! I thought perhaps it was just a scratch, and if I turned the unit on (hee, hee that sounds dirty) it would be fully functional. Sadly, it was not to be and I had one broken camera on my hands.

Luckily, when I bought it I was pressured into get the protection plan; something which I normal eschew. 5 weeks ago the camera was sent back to Casio to be fixed (I was hoping they would just give me a new one but that would have been too easy it seems) and much like a woman in a whaling community I sit at home waiting for my sailor's boat to make port weighed down with tons of blubber destined to supply precious lamp oil to an eager public. Except in my case I'm a dude, and I'm waiting for Casio to send me my camera back so I can take pictures of stuff.


lifegem.jpgIt is true, I am not dead, but if I were LifeGem would turn the carbon from my cremated remains (and yes, I do want to be cremated.. and perhaps put in a Pepsi bottle) in a diamond.

This strikes me as simultaneously a touching tribute to a loved one and very, very creepy and that's why I like it so much.

And yes, that's a picture of a LifeGem.