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The Rouge Burger

RougeburgerThe quest to have the two local entries in the '20 Burgers you have to have before you die' is well underway. The first stop of the old burger train was Rouge, just a hop skip and a jump away from stately Blankbaby Manor (actually both of the hamburgers listed are close to BB Manor, so that makes it easy for me).

My compatriots in burgers were Kate (who got us a table, thanks!), Martin, and Sarcasmo and a good time was had by all, as Martin reports.

How about the burger? The waitstaff has t-shirts on that featured said hamburger, so my immediate reaction was to order something else, but that would have been silly so I ordered the burger. Click on the picture to get a better look at the beast (10 ounces of beef). It was large, and it was tasty (and the pomme frites, that's fancy talk for french fries, were tasty as well). Was this the best burger I have ever had? No.

Was it the best burger I have ever had in Philly? No.

It was a damned good burger though, however if someone visits me and says, 'Hey, Scott let's go get some kick ass burgers. Where in Philly shall we go?' I won't suggest Rouge (though I will go back to Rouge to sample some of their other menu items), I will, without hesitation, suggest Monk's (Martin, we need to get you there to have a burger!).

Next stop, Barclay Prime!

Help Find Latoyia Figueroa

figueroa_latoyia.jpgWe (well, I) interrupt this inane blog for something that is actually important. The woman pictured to the right is Latoyia Fiqueroa, a resident of West Philly, and an expectant mother. None of these attributes are particularly noteworthy, however there is something about her that is.

Layoyia, and her unborn child, have been missing for the last 10 tens, and chances are you haven't heard about it. Is it because she isn't white, or that she is from a rough part of town where things like this are 'expected'? It doesn't really matter, the fact reamins: she is missing. The mainstream media have, by and large, ignored this matter, unti, a group of Philadelphia bloggers started to run with the story.

Richard, of the All Spin Zone, has been the real lead on this effort, and I am just riding his, and Howard's, coattails on this matter. With that said, if you have a blog please join us in this effort. It doesn't matter if you are a Philadelphian or just a concerned blogger, any mention of this would be helpful.

I would also like to make clear that the real story here is not that a bunch of bloggers are banding together to help someone in need, the REAL story is that Latoyia Fiqueroa is missing and her family would like nothing more than to see here again, alive and well.

Will Bunch at Attywood has a great, and very sad, look at the current level of mainstream media coverage of Latoyia situation.

In the last 4 days...

I have posted over 50 times to Blankbaby.

I think my blogger's block is solved. :)

I wasn't actually 'blocked' per say, but not having that much fun with the blog, and I don't know why.

I needed a Blankbaby Break, and now I am ready for action again.

It's good to be back!

Don't you love it when bloggers blog about blogging?

Oh, and I have decided that Blankbaby Media (part of the Blankbaby Media Empire) is going to be where I post reviews about movies/DVD's/CD's/books that I see/see/hear/read. There isn't too much there at the moment but I am working on a movie review and a book review. If you subscribed to the feed, I just make a change that will break it, so the new feed is here. I just thought it was better to have the top level of available for other uses, so I changed it. Luckily I doubt many people are actually reading it yet, or linking to it so I think everything will be fine.

One blog can't contain me!

My Wednesday Night Television viewing

I highly recommend the following shows on a Wednesday night:

Mythbusters is a given, since I like science and engineering, and heck, they blow stuff up. However, Top Gear may throw some people for a loop. It is a British show about cars.

I don't own a car, nor do I have a drivers license, but I do like learning about cool high tech cars, which is this show's bread and butter. I have no desire to drive any of the cars they talk about, but any show that features someone sitting in a car while said car is getting hit by a German manufactured lighting bolt is ok with me.

I think I might like Windows Vista

Windows VistaShhh, don't tell anyone, but I use Microsoft products everyday, and it isn't all that bad.

Sure, sure I love Apple products, but does a man have to be wed to only one large, faceless corporation for all their technolust needs? I think not.

Now, Windows Vista (the newest version of the OS by MS slated to ship sometime in 2006) doesn't look half bad, based on Paul Thurrott's of Beta 1. The UI is certainly much nicer than what Windows currently offers (though a little less transparency would be a welcome thing. You know you have too much of it if the text in your windows title bars need some white 'spray painted' around the letter to make them legible).

I haven't used Windows Vista, but I look forward to it.

Other MS products I like:

  • Windows Server 2003

  • Tablet PC's (in theory, I haven't used one yet for long enough to really form an opinion)

  • Remote Desktop

  • SQL Server (its client tools trounce those of Oracle's)

Oh, I'm sure there are more, but that is enough Microsoft loving for the moment, I don't want people to think I'm a new Scoble (a.k.a. Scobie).

I don't want to give up my Apple cred though, so... OS X rules!


Advertise on Blankbaby

advertiseonbb.pngHey, you! Advertise on Blankbaby! You know you want to, and you can even do it for free.

I know some of my more astute readers have noticed the new box there underneath the drawing of me. That's for all those free ads that you are going to put up there.

What's that, free you say?

Yes! For a limited time only you can advertise on Blankbaby, via Blogads, using this super secret code: blankbaby.

Now, I do get to approve the ad, so no funny business (unless it is, you know, pretty funny).

And, hey, if you want to pay to advertise that is great too.

Punishments for Abortion?

Now, I'm not very political at all, though I am pro-choice. approached some Pro-Lifers demonstrating at a clinic and asked If abortion were illegal what sort of punishments are in order for a woman who gets an abortion.

It is clear most of the pro-lifers never thought of that (mostly because they said, 'I never thought of that') but it is an interesting question. What is the point of making something illegal if you don't enforce the law?

Things to think about.

Found via Suburban Guerrilla.

They Might Be Giants 2005 at Penn's Landing

TMBGOne of my goals for yesterday was to post my TMBG concert photos, and I didn't. Actually, I uploaded them but I didn't write a post to go along with them, so like many things I do it was done half-assedly. However, this post fixes all of that, and let me put my whole ass into this process... or something.

Anyway, take a gander at my TMBG concert photos (though Mark's are better). Please close attention and you might even notice the worse picture of me ever (OK, it is this one. Pretty bad, huh? I can only explain it by saying I was obviously in the throes of some sort of TMBG inspired ecstasy).

TMBG were excellent, as always. I think I could go to one of their concerts everyday and still not be sick of them. Time for Three were very entertaining as well (I should have bought their CD, but I didn't), though I didn't care for that Belew fellow (but that's just me).

I tried to rustle up a horde of people to go with me to this concert, but organizing an outing doesn't seem to be one of my strong points (but I'm working on it) and no one could come with me to see the whole thing, so I showed up at Penn's Landing at 3:30, to beat the crowd and I settled in. I found a pretty good seat to the right of the sound booth (to the right if you were facing the stage that is) and waiting to be entertained.

As I was enjoying Time for Three a lovely young woman sat besides me. She was obvioulsy alone, as was I, however she wasn't taking pictures of everything (including herself). I did notice her looking at me a few times, but I didn't say anything to her because well... look at this picture. I rest my case, though I took that one after I had moved. Of course, as is always the case when it comes to the ladies (at least in my experience) I think I should have said something. The problem is I couldn't think of anything to say then, and I can't think of anything right now, so I am sure it was for the best that we both silently enjoyed the music.

So I sat next to that woman for awhile, and then I felt something in my pants vibrating. It was my cell phone (you sickos), and who was on the other end? Why none other than Julie. Julie, Owen (Julie's son) and Hilary had planned to see the concert but could only come for the TMBG part (since Owen is a wee lad and wouldn't have been happy with 4 hours of sitting quietly). After a few moments we figured out where we were in relation to each other and I joined them.

All was fine until my ass became wet. Owen had knocked over his water bottle, which I was sitting next to, and so I was sitting in a puddle. Luckily I had a very absorbent foam finger with which I cleaned up the water. However, I didn't think it was prudent to try to dry my ass with a large foam finger (though I bet there are websites devoted to that very thing somewhere on the internets). Julie thought I was over reacting since it was just water and, 'It will dry,' as she told me.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, who amongst you wants to sit and watch your favorite band with a wet ass?

Later, Mark came over to say hi and then had to run back to his kids. After he left Julie looked over and asked me, 'Do you know him?' Which I thought was an odd question. Most of the time random dudes don't come up to me at Penn's Landing and chat with me for a bit, though Julie might have had very different experiences than me in this arena.

The concert ended and we were off like a shot! Owen wanted to see the 'ocean,' and so we went closer to the river and who did I see but none other than Tony and his wife. We chatted for a little bit, but Owen was cranky so we had to run, sadly.

Overall, a good time was had by all, or at least by me.

The New York Times Blogs 101

Would it be wrong of me to submit Blankbaby to the The New York Times Blogs 101?

Yes, yes it would. I blog for no man! Well, I blog for myself, and I am a man (at least that's the word on the street), so there's that. However, I need no external validation of my blog's worthiness, even if it is by the most influential newspaper in the world.

Ha! They can keep their filthy links, unless they want to link me then they should, like, totally do it.

I got better!

Ug, don't you hate it when you wake up and feel like crap (I look like crap most of the time, but I usually feel pretty good)? Well, I know I do, and that's just what happened to me this morning.

I called in sick and then I used my patent pending 'Scott's feel better quick' method. Basically, I slept for another 8 hours (until 4pm), I woke up, took a shower, and I'm feeling much better.

So, I will be going to work tomorrow (I know everyone missed my quips and charming personality today).