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James Lileks on Star Trek

kirkspock.jpgI love Star Trek, we all know this. I may, in fact, love it a little too much, but that is a topic for another day.

That is why I took great pleasure in reading this:

And that was what hung in the Smithsonian that day they opened the Star Trek exhibit. All the cast showed up, except for Bones. I met them all: press tour. On the way out I found myself standing next to James Doohan under the big model of the Enterprise, floating above in the hall. I walked up next to Scotty. We looked up.
"Ah, she's a beautiful thing, isn't it?" he said.
That she was.

Elisa introduced me to James Lileks, and I must say I read his site more out of a sense of 'well, she seems to like it,' than any real interest, but with this post he redeems himself, and I'm sure he cares what I think.