What a beautiful day to build a server!

The weather is great in Philadelphia today, a great day to spend
outside with a loved one (or someone you may be wooing… at the moment
I don’t have either [well I have loved ones but they don’t live in
Philly so the chances of me spending any time with them today are null,
and I didn’t mean friends and family I meant ‘special friends,’ if you
know what I mean {and I think you do}] but I am confident that I
shall.  Which reminds me I need to write that post about ‘The
Ladies,’ perhaps tonight).

Alas, I shall spend most of the day in a machine room (or a server room
if you like) building a server.  Sure, I could have come in
earlier and had more time later in the day with which to frolic, but I
do loves me some sleep.  However, I have noticed that as I am
getting older (though I am far from old, and I think I am emotionally
about 3, tops) I am finding it harder and harder to sleep as late as I
once did.  People have told me about this (notably Glenn who, much
like me, was a night owl and would still like to be) but I didn’t
really believe them (or him).  Well, as usual, it turns out that I
was wrong, and now I get up earlier than I would like most

Anyway, I should stop posting and get to building. So get out and enjoy the day, do it for your Uncle Scott!

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