So long, and thanks for all the fish

hhgtg.jpgThe Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy defines summer movies based on beloved novels thusly, ‘These movies grow out of the author’s desperate grasping for attention which has a direct correlation to the amount of time his mother spent with him when he was a child. Never as good as the book (even when the book wasn’t all that great) these movies are best avoided; except when they based on anything written by Douglas Adams.’

Of course it has to say that since Mr. Adams wrote it.

Thanks to Becky, of Good Grief! fame, and Type E (I don’t think I can use his real name, so I shall use his blog name, even though I think blog names are a bit silly) I was able to partake in a sneak preview of ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘ tonight, and best of all it was free! Second best of all is that it was a veritable who’s who of the Philadelphia Blogosphere. I was there, Becky was there, Type E (Can I link to his blog? Better not) was there, as was the Lunabomber himself! Jealous yet? Well, you should be, bastard.

Oh, and there were some non-bloggers there as well (like the other Scott), so that was cool.

How was the movie, I hear you ask. Full disclosure here: whilst I was in college (the best 7 years of my life) I wrote a paper entitled, ‘Douglas Adams is a god to me’ (you see kids, I was a geek in college too!), so it goes without saying that I enjoy his work.

Therefore I really, really wanted to like this movie. It could have been the worst movie I had ever seen (it wasn’t) and I would have still liked it. I liked it. The book was better but the film was good. I mean, come on, Author Dent on the big screen? A whale plummeting to its death? Where else are you going to find that?

However, if you haven’t read the book you really should. I reread it in preparation for the movie and I still like it as much as I ever did. I wish Mr. Adams hadn’t died so young, I am sure he had plenty more wacky adventures brewing in that head of his.

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  1. Scott, I’m glad you could make it! You should write a story about why the petunias thought “oh no, not again” as they plummeted to the surface of Magrathea.
    Why is Type E’s weblog a secret? Tell me, I like secrets!

  2. When I was in high school, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide and became slightly obsessed with 42. I did a science project on Molybdenum, the 42nd element, and earned an A+ (a bit of a miracle for the likes of me). Mo Vaughn was the Red Sox first baseman at the time, his number was 42, and he became my version of god. Unfortunately my god’s knees gave out and he had to retire. He was later arrested after a fight outside of a stip club. So, in retrospect, Douglas Adams would have made a more formidable lord and savior. So, you made the right choice.
    My blog is not a secret, but it is targeted to Phillies fans who secretly hate the Phillies.

  3. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Here is the obligatory weblog entry about last night’s Philadelphia premiere of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Obligatory because we got to see the movie free and before opening day, which allows me to say this: neener neener.

  4. Type E should write a story about why Scott’s shirt buttons are covered with flower stickers and post it while Scott is away in DC.

  5. I’m looking for the words to the catchy song in the movie that goes “…so long and thanks for all the fish…” We came out of the theater singing it and waving our towels.

  6. Me too, Steven! In fact as soon as I got home I bought the song and I have been rockin’ out to it ever since.
    Becky, Type E wouldn’t dare write a story about me!
    Type E, you’re scaring me a little.
    Dave, the stickers just were much like me.

  7. Re: Posted by: Becky | April 27, 2005 06:47 AM
    >Scott, I’m glad you could make it! You should write a
    >story about why the petunias thought “oh no, not
    >again” as they plummeted to the surface of Magrathea.”
    The reason is embedded in one of the other books. ;P
    Happy Hunting.
    (Clue: it’s just before Arthur learns how to fly – accidentally of course)

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