Rittenhouse Square Reviewed

My only sojourn to the Philadelphia Film Festival (so far) has been to see Rittenhouse Square with Becky, of Good Grief! fame. We were supposed to meet at 3:30, so I thought I would sneak over to Barnes and Noble and try to buy a book that I would like (the Pocket Ref, if you must know).

With iPod in ear, and a song in  my heart, I made my way purposefully though Rittenhouse Square (the park, not the movie).  As I was striding like a conquer who did I spy but none other than Becky!  She had thought that she forgot to correct for day light saving time, so she was early and figured why not hang out and enjoy the weather.

Now, once I made a plan I like to stick to it, and I get thrown if I can’t.  So I suggested to Becky that I would run to Barnes and Noble while she continued to enjoy the park.  She readily agreed since she was talking to some dude (no doubt more interesting than I), so off I went.

Sadly, they didn’t have the book that I wanted and that put me in an odd mood for some reason.  I made my way back to Becky and then we went to get some ice cream.  My conversation skills may have suffered a bit since I was still thinking about the fact that I didn’t get that darned book.

The ice cream was good, as was the company and a good time was had by me (at least).

After the ice cream we had a little while before the movie started, so Becky went to Tower Record and I popped into Borders to be disappointed yet again.  Back to Tower to meet up with Becky, and she has decided to get some CD’s.  So while we  were browsing near the line an older woman says to me, ‘Excuse me, do you work here?’  I said, ‘No, I’m just hip.’  To which she responded, ‘Oh, well you looked very impressive.’  Which I will take as a compliment.

With CD’s in Becky’s hand we shuffled off to the movie.

So how was Rittenhouse Square you ask?

It started late, which annoyed me.  First some dude in charge of the festival had to talk and then some lady from the PA Film Commission told us all about the 20% tax break film crews are getting for filming in PA.  And then they played us some PA propaganda, at which point I leaned over to Becky and said, ‘Don’t they know we already live here?"

And then the Governor showed up to give an award to the producer (Max Raabe) of the film.  And Mr. Maaxe SLOOOOOOWLY made his way to the podium and SLOOOOOOOWLY said thanks.

Finally the movie started, and I liked it enormously.  It really wasn’t about Rittenhouse Square, but rather the people that use it (with a particular focus on one little girl for some reason).  I recommend the film, and if it comes out on DVD I think I will buy it.

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