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Remote Cabin

ever want to retreat to a remote, snow covered cabin where no one can
reach you (cell phones don’t work, there are no computers, and the
internet is the thing inside your bathing suit, though why you have
your bathing suit with you is your own issue)?

I don’t, but I imagine others might.

Ahh, I kid.  I must admit that time alone in such a setting is
certainly attractive.  Though, there are many hurdles that I would
have to over come in order to do it.  Firstly, I don’t
drive.  So I could probably get to the vicinity of whatever locale
this cabin was located, but getting to the cabin itself would present
some difficulty.

Secondly I would probably take that time to read a bunch of books,
which are heavy.  So if I were to go to this place I would need to
bring along a suitcase full of books, and the airline workers, the
taxicab drivers, and the cabin help wouldn’t like me.

And, I do believe this one goes without saying, it is a little odd
to take a trip that could be construed as very romantic by yourself.

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