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Magical Adult Knowledge

I’m not sure if I posted about this already, but hey, I can do what I want.

I was thinking the other day (shocking I know), and I got to thinking about my favorite subject, me. When I was a mere tot I though that adults had strange and mysterious powers, and when you became one all this knowledge magically revealed itself to you and you were reborn!

Of course, now that I’m 28 and that hasn’t happened… I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to happen (though if it does you’ll be the first to know). Therefore, I’m just like I was when I was a kid only bigger, and I know more (which allows me to be sarcastic in ever more creative ways).

This makes me wonder, what was I like as a kid?

Someone recently described me as ‘goofy and hard working’ (you know who you are), and I think that pretty much sums it up (though I have also been called a ‘comment whore,’ recently, so who knows). Was I a hard working kid? No, no I wasn’t, that much I remember. I hardly ever concentrated on my schoolwork (though I got good grades) and I made sure never to apply myself (just to piss my mother off).

I don’t know where this entry is going, so I’m ending it here.

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