A momentous evening

Last night was quite eventful, and as such I wanted to blog about it as
soon as I got home.  However, when I got home I found that my high
speed Internet provider (I’m looking at you Comcast) was on the blink
(I wonder if it was a DNS issue again) so I couldn’t post a damned

So, I am going to post 3 posts right now about last night.  Freaky, huh?

3 responses to “A momentous evening”

  1. my service was screwy also. i think it was a comcast prob and not a prob on our ends. thank god. but i was completely pissed off. god i need a life 🙂

  2. I know it wasn’t on our end, I looked at everything that could have been causing the problem on my side and it all checked out.
    I was pretty pissed off too, I just wanted to blog!

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