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The movers are here...

Today I went to both the Masonic Temple and the City Hall Tour

And I took 208 pictures. Since I am in the middle of moving (and I should be packing not blogging right now) I will post two picture galleries at some point in the near future.

My one word of advice? If you are in the Philly area take the City Hall tour. Hell, I'll take it with you. I want to go on it again and gain. Of course, I think I have an unhealthy obsession with the building. Every time I walk past it I want to take a picture of it, even though I have scads of pictures of it. I just like it, a lot. Too much I'm sure.

And on the tour I found out something that horrified me! During the 50 - 60's the city wasn't happy with City Hall. It is a huge building (larger than the Capitol in fact) but there isn't much usable space in it. So, they had a commission draw up plans for DEMOLISHING IT! And building a new one in its place. The commission came up with plans, the mayor and the city council at the time approved the plan, and City Hall was almost demolished. What stopped them? Was it activist citizens? Lobbyists? Architecture lovers? Nope, the city couldn't afford to pay the $6 million bill to destroy the building, so they scrapped the plan.

Ahh, I love tours of historic buildings.