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Spring Curmudgeon

Becky, of Good Grief! fame, has cast an aspersion towards me in her post 'Spring has sprung, and young women's thoughts turn away from weblogs' (which refers to this post).

I know it isn't popular to not like Spring. I know if I want to be 'cool' I should be giggling, frolicking, and falling in love. But you know what? I'm not doing any of those things. Spring has sprung all right, and it hit me right in the ass.

Spring means hay fever. Spring means summer is soon upon us (which in turn means a sweaty Scott, which no one likes). Spring means all the damn birds are going to be making noise. Spring means that young couples will be walking hand in hand reminding me at every turn that I am all alone, oh so very alone.

Spring is, as Dave said, trying too hard.

So, if that makes me a curmudgeon than curmudgeon I am.

My game plan for this spring? Keep my head down, blog lots, and pretend like it isn't even happening. Oh, and I'll probably see a few movies at the Philadelphia Film Festival (Rittenhouse Square looks interesting. I'm a big fan of the Square itself, so why wouldn't I enjoy the movie?).

Wake me when fall is here; now that's a season I can get behind!