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Ruby on Rails supports Ajax

Don't worry if that title means nothing to you, because for the vast majority of people it won't mean anything.

Though, if you are ever at a cocktail party with a web developer (and really when are you NOT at a cocktail party with a web developer) mention that you have heard a lot of good thing about Ruby on Rails. They'll be impressed and then you can use that moment when they are stunned to snag that last canape from the tray.

Anyway, Ajax is all the rage (it basically combines XML with javascript to do some nifty things on the client side) and Ruby on Rails is a new web development platform based on Ruby, a supposedly easy to learn scripting language, that the hot development group 37signals (the makers of Basecamp and Ta-da Lists) are pushing for its ease of use.

So the latest release of Ruby on Rails supports AJAX in such a way that you don't need to code javascript, which sounds cool to me.

Having never used it myself I have no real opinion of it, but judging from this movie (which is 20 megs so if you aren't interested in the rest of this entry don't bother clicking on it) it seems a little more complicated than ColdFusion.

UPDATE: Curt Hibbs has written a nice intro to Ruby on Rails for O'Reilly's Check it out.