Happy Birthday, Captain Kirk

Matt Goyer's Work place wish list

Matt lists what he would like in a work place:

  • ..downtown
  • ...where I can bike or walk
  • ...where I can walk to different lunch options
  • ...where I can partake in happy hour
  • ...where my building has character and/or style

Let's see, I have a lot of those at my current work place.

  • Downtown? I'm close enough, and since I live downtown I need not work there.
  • Bike or walk? Given my biking experience, I prefer walking. And I can, and do!
  • Walk to different lunch options? Check.
  • Partake in Happy Hour? I don't drink, but I have been to numerous happy hours with work peeps.
  • Building with character/style? Well, it has lots of character, not so much style.

Now, since what would be in my list?

  • Get to wear shorts to work
  • Get to wear cool shirts to work

I'm easy to please.