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Happy Easter from Blankbaby

A week from moving, when a boy's thoughts turn to interior decoration

I found an apartment. This is good.

I don't have that much crap to move. This is good.

I need to make my apartment inviting, since I will probably want to entertain. This is not so good.

Why isn't entertaining good you ask? That isn't the problem part, silly! The problem is that I have no taste (evidence here, here, and here).

I do like mission style furnishings, and well as tiki stuff, and things from the 50's, though I am not sure they blend together (well the tiki and the 50's do, but mission is left out in the cold).

I suppose I will just end up getting Ikea stuff (though who I would get to Ikea is anyone's guess. There is one in Philly, though I here public transportation to it is lacking).