Happy Easter from Blankbaby
On, the inhumanity!

A Chat with Barb

scott: I can't afford my lavish lifestyle without it
scott: :(
barb: you're goin to have to give up on your 30" cinema display fetish, scott
barb: i've warned you about this
barb: 28 of them is more than enough for any sane person
barb: and even a bit beyond what the insane could handle
scott: I need 30!
scott: My toaster told me so
barb: hehe... uh... ruh roh...
barb: go pack that toaster!
scott: the toaster told me I was a good boy
barb: just step away from the toaster, scott. slowly...
scott: the toaster told me you would try to seperate us!
barb: it's for your own good! toast just isn't worth it!
scott: mmm toast
scott: ;)
scott: I did the wink so you wouldn't think I'm insane
barb: too late
scott: damn it
barb: you can't wink your way out of this one!