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New Apartment First Impressions

So, I am pretty much moved into the new place. There are a few odds and ends that need to make their way up the two blocks that separate my old apartment from my new, but they are all rather trivial.

So here, in pro and con style, are my first impressions of the new place.


  • One of my neighbors has a wireless router, which is setup using the defaults (that's how I can post this from my new place).
  • I told people that the new place was about the same size as the old one, but clearly the new apartment is bigger.
  • Hardwood floors rock
  • I have three medicine cabinets (I need to buy more medicine)
  • I have a semi real kitchen (it isn't a gourmet kitchen, but it is much better than the 'cooking closet' I had at the old place)
  • First floor apartment means no more 4 flights of spiral staircases
  • lots of outlets
  • a couple of nice closets
  • good light levels


  • Getting used to living below someone (my upstairs neighbor has hardwood floors too. Clomp, clomp, clomp.)
  • Needs to be painted (I hate painting. Who wants to paint my apartment for me?)
  • The front doors for the building are narrow (and I'm wide)

Today I went to both the Masonic Temple and the City Hall Tour

And I took 208 pictures. Since I am in the middle of moving (and I should be packing not blogging right now) I will post two picture galleries at some point in the near future.

My one word of advice? If you are in the Philly area take the City Hall tour. Hell, I'll take it with you. I want to go on it again and gain. Of course, I think I have an unhealthy obsession with the building. Every time I walk past it I want to take a picture of it, even though I have scads of pictures of it. I just like it, a lot. Too much I'm sure.

And on the tour I found out something that horrified me! During the 50 - 60's the city wasn't happy with City Hall. It is a huge building (larger than the Capitol in fact) but there isn't much usable space in it. So, they had a commission draw up plans for DEMOLISHING IT! And building a new one in its place. The commission came up with plans, the mayor and the city council at the time approved the plan, and City Hall was almost demolished. What stopped them? Was it activist citizens? Lobbyists? Architecture lovers? Nope, the city couldn't afford to pay the $6 million bill to destroy the building, so they scrapped the plan.

Ahh, I love tours of historic buildings.

New Typepad Comment Notifications No Longer Suck

Kudos to the Six Apart team for responding so quickly! Not only did they respond to our (that being Jeff, Tom, and myself) concerns but they corrected the primary issue.

Tom points out that while this is great progress it should be be dandy if we could select whether or not we get Comment notifications in HTML (not good) or plain text (my lord and saviour).

Come on! Let us choose. Let us choose! Let us choose!

Chanting doesn't work so well on a blog.

New Typepad Comment Notifications Suck

Ok, so suck might be a bit harsh, but I dislike HTML emails, and I dislike things that were working, and now are different but do less.

Comment notifications should contain a link to the post on which the comment was made. Makes sense right? The good old (plain text I might add) Typepad comment notifications did. The new, crappy ones (which look better) don't. That is a big part of the functionality gone.

Lots of times I want to respond to a comment, and now I need to figure out which post, and navigate to it myself. Is this a super big deal? Yes and no. If you get lots of comments (and I get a fair amount) and those comments tend to be a continuing conversations (like good comments should be) then it is a big deal.

Both Tom and Jeff agree. How about you other Typepadders? I am submitting a help ticket as soon as I done with this post.

Please, Six Apart, give us back our useful comment notifications!

UPDATE: Huzzah! Now that's what I call customer service. First Anil Dash comments on here and let's us know they are working on fix, and now the comment notifications include the post on which the comment was posted.

Six Apart, you dudes and dudettes rock!

Hugo nominations 2005

Boing Boing has the 2005 Hugo nominations:

  • The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks

  • Iron Council by China Miéville

  • Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

  • River of Gods by Ian McDonald

I'm a big fan of Banks and Miéville, but the only one I have read on the list is Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Thanks, Julie!). I own Iron Council, but I haven't read it yet.

I guess I know the next three books I'll be buying.

Disturbing Photo

Matt has posted a disturbing photo of Michael Jackson. It isn't some photoshopped photo, or him naked (no thanks!), it is just a picture of him adjusting his jacket.

Matt wants people to caption it, and I have no caption, but the more I looked at the picture the more I was freaked out. Then I figured it out, his hands don't match the rest of his body. They look like Frankenstein's hands (or perhaps the Elephant Man's).

Thanks for Creeping me out, Matt.

I was so right about Sandman!

Remember when people scoffed, and comments section was divided between the guys talking about how I was wrong about Sandman being the next villian whilst the ladies discussed how much of a dog Thomas Hayden Church was?

Ahh, those were the days.

Anyway, according to Ain't It Cool News (who recently did a redesign of their site and I say huzzah to that) I was right:

Multiple spies at Sony have confirmed that Thomas Hayden Church will indeed be playing SANDMAN.

Venom would have been cooler, but THC just LOOKS like Sandman to me.

Is I crazy (or should that be, 'Ain't I crazy')?

Houseboat, key to the ladies' hearts?

MacGyver gets all the ladies, and he lives on a houseboat. Mere coincidence? I think not. I should have moved to a boathouse on the Schuylkill.

Oh, and ladies, I'm putting you on notice. I just read an article that revealed the secret of how to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you.

Now I can obsess over why no one is sexually attracted to me. Hurrah! This week off is already paying dividends.