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James Bond

I'm watching A View to a Kill, the James Bond movie staring Roger Moore and Christopher Walken (plus it features a catchy song by Duran Duran). This movie has made me ponder why I like James Bond movies so much, so I think the answer is clear. He is everything I am not, and he get to play with super cool gadgets!

Let me explain, James Bond always says the right thing at the right time, something which I am not known for. He is a man of action, whereas inaction is my specialty. Ladies fall for Mr. Bond's charm with alarming readiness, and the ladies and I have an agreement; I don't bother them and they ignore me.

To top it all off, Bond has Q to outfit him with gadgets galore and he gets to wear a tux fairly often.

What more can you want?

Of course, I know that in our day and age the James Bond character is somewhat out of date (hence the success of Austin Powers, which I also like), but there is still something appealing about Bond, James Bond. Exotic women, exotic locales, and cool crap. Ahh, that's the life.