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Ask Blanbaby: What happened to Ask Blankbaby?

askblankbaby.jpgThis week's question comes from Sam and she wants to know: "Hey what happened to that "Ask Blankbaby" feature? I was starting to enjoy it, and it disappeared!"

That is an interesting and complex question which deserves an equally interesting and complex answer. And for that answer we must first cast our thoughts to the Aztec Empire. You see the Aztecs not only created ziggurats and a calendar but they also invented the fine art of 'slacking.' Once upon a time a fearsome young Aztec warrior was asked to burn a human heart in honor of one of the gods. His immediate reaction was, 'I'll do it later.'

That young warrior's name? Pro'Cratia'on. And that's where the word procrastination comes from.

So you see, Sam, I just haven't gotten around to doing an Ask Blankbaby because I am a horrible man. And, I haven't gotten any good questions.

See what I did there? I turned the blame onto you, the kind readers of Blankbaby.