The Date Doctor?

Ok, so it is obvious that I am far from a ladies man. I can’t tell when they are interested in me, I don’t know how to meet them, and I don’t really understand these ’emotions’ that they all seem to have.

With that being said, take a look at the Date Doctor:

  Hello and Welcome to my site. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Christopher Young and I am a dating consultant. I am not some overconfident jerk who thinks he is gods’ gift to women. That is not me, in fact, I am merely a guy who has learned the ropes of this uncanny thing we call “Relationships”.

   Now let me tell you what you will find here. If you want to learn how to have sex with any woman you choose. I can teach you! If you want to become more confident conversating with the opposite sex. I will teach you! However there is more to a relationship than just sex and having confidence. My goal as your “Date Doctor” is to make the most out of a relationship. I will help you with learning to listen to the opposite sex, as well as learning how to find your soul-mate.

And here are his prices:

  If you are tired of being the third wheel or just plain lonely, then stop wallowing and take your life into your own hands. As of right now all of your dating questions will be answered for FREE! Just send an email with your question to Given the fact that I receive tons of emails, your response will be as prompt as possible. If you would like to have a one on one personal consultation, my services are also for hire. I travel the country helping others just like yourself in the successes of dating and relationships. I charge a fee of $2500. This includes all travel and lodging expenses and a 2-day* consultation. Additional days are $200 per day*.

*One Day equals 8 hours.

No thank you, Date Doctor, I’ll take my chances relying on my own wits. Of course I am going to die alone, but hey at least I’ll have my money to keep me company… oh, and the hundreds of stray cats I am sure to collect. And my model plane collection (which I haven’t started, but come on we can all see it coming).

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  1. “If you want to learn how to have sex with any woman you choose. I can teach you!”
    What if the woman is not interested in having sex? Or what if she is gay? Does he have answers to that as well?

  2. Dave, I was thinking it might be some of that wacky viral marketing that the kids like so much.
    Becky, that is a great idea! I will email him post-haste, though he might not like the fact that I am using it only to ridicule him. But what if he gives me sound suggestions? Oh the horror! I might become an overnight hit with the ladies.
    Sam, after you spend some time with the date doctor all women are interested, and none of them are gay!

  3. Scott, I agree that it’s usually not nice to contact someone under false pretenses solely for the purposes of blog exploitation.
    But this guy is kind of asking for it.

  4. I was cruising the web when, I came to this website. I read what the host had to say, and heard some of the comments.
    I trully believe that the Date doctor is good for the guys out their, who has no self-estime and who would faint in front of the women of his dreams.
    On the other hand, you can be like everyone else and figure out the game yourself.
    Here is a hint for you :
    – Get in your car and drive out of the city, head for a place where nobody knows who you are.
    – Now you can choose 2 things become invisible, or get everybody to know your name.
    – Remember you have nothing to loose, because they don’t know you. Today your Jonathan, and your mission is to make everybody love you by the end of the night.
    – How ? by looking at who is in the mood to talk and who is not. Then if you find somebody you like have the waitress send her a drink, if she’s sitting with a friend buy one for her. During this time make sure your talking to the bartender, explain to him whats going on, usually he will give you a hand if you tip him well.
    – Remember never question yourself, the only thing in your mind is Focus and humbleness.
    – Now you need to be wearing something new and originally not flashy or colorfull… if you have absolutly no style, put on a pair of black pants, a black shirt, black shoes, hair slightly slicked back. Not pacino style, just have a fresh look. Shoes are important …Black leather, no pointy black shoes…or your dead before you even get to the table. Just nice shoes ” Ask a girl to help you out at the store ”
    – Now the best part…. Walk over to the 2 girls, and start talking to the one you don’t want.
    – What to say : Hello : is a good start.
    followed by : I hope you enjoyed your drinks..” you need to say this with absolut confidence, smirk a little ”
    – Then look at the girl you want and ask her if she would mind if you joined her and her friend ?
    – If she says yes , then spend the rest of the evening talking about them, what they do, how they like it, do they come here often…
    – Now we need to remember why your doing this…. practice. to feel more comfort in yourself around woman.
    – During the evening I want you to ask them as if you where asking your best friends opinion on what you did wrong and well…. Wanna here the funny part, they will help you more then any Date Doctor, because right now they just realized that you are not intersted sexually in them. So there guard goes down and now you will understad how easy it is to speak to woman.
    But again that’s how I learned, and not everybody is same.
    The truth is, I’m not affraid of talking to any woman, except for Mary…. Shes the only one that brings me back to High School, because I would give up everything I have, wife carreer, life for a moment with her. She’s my cryptanite, and there is one for every guy on earth.
    So Date Doctor keep helping the boys get over their cryptanite.

  5. hi my question is about a guy ive just met who is a local celebrity he has been texting me and asked me to go watch him sing ata bar after i went he drove me and my friend home but he has not asked me out yet he has briefly text me but said i looked lovely the nite i went to see him sing. is he interested?

  6. hello im mark and im known as a date doctor…. i can determine wether a girl is single or not.. help a guy get his girl… but im not that old could i have some advice on teaching ?

  7. I have a girl who I have been interested in for about 6 months and she means the world to me. I had messed up in the past and had too much to drink and ended up cheating on her. I felt horrible about this ever since and she ended up forgiving me for it. we were going steady as “seeing eachother” for about 3 months and I asked her if we should move things to the next level and start being commited. she got scared and now we are just friends but we both still like eachother. have I ruined my chances ? do I have a chance to be with her? and if needed when are you avaliable to come down to Vancouver B.C.. I should be able to have the $2500.. I will have to see though.
    Thank you and please get back to me

  8. i know this girl in my spanish class, i really like her, but she’s so shy and she might seem interested in somebody else but that person isn’t interested in her at all, she’s single and i really want to get to know her, but i cant if i dont get her attention… how do i step my game up and make her interested?

  9. for all you guys out there that are just thinking about sex that is not love. love is a feeling better that sex. date doctors help you bulid a relatioship not slam it in a bed room for a night or two. they are here to help good people do GREAT things.

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